London Grammar-Non Believer

London Grammar is a band that had me loving it and hating it at the same time. Sometimes, I listen to the voice of Hannah Reid and I find it the most ethereal thing on earth and then I listen to another song and I think that it is the worst thing on planet. This new album though, "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" reminds me everyday how wrong and unfair I have been about the trio. The new music video for Non Believer is out, and trust me, it is stunning. Please enjoy with Lyrics On My Wall.


Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Waves

I haven't posted here for a while but this time I am back with an exclusive post. We spoke with Old Sea Brigade and we asked him to share with us the official lyrics of his brand new track Tidal Waves. As you may know, I always like to search and find different information about the artists I post on Lyrics On My Wall, but this one was hard to find.  I will just leave here what he chose to write in his bio, with the hope that someday we'll get to know more about him.We are talking about Old Sea Brigade. Old Sea Brigade is Atlanta raised, Nashville based singer-songwriter, Ben Cramer. Blending together folk, country, americana, and indie rock, Old Sea Brigade invokes names like Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, and The National. In 2016, after self-releasing his debut EP, Cramer toured the U.S. landing key support slots for Julien Baker, Hiss Golden Messenger and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Later that year he signed with Nettwerk Music Group and began work on his full-length debut.
Old Sea Brigade released “Wash Me Away EP” in January 2017, which Clash music called, “Gorgeous, meditative songwriting” with “a sense of Southern gothic.”


Alex Ebert-Broken Record

Alex Ebert is an adventurous guy! For those who follow him, you already know that. For those who don't, let me tell you a few things about him... You probably have whispered "Home is wherever I'm with you" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Edward Sharpe is basically Alex's alter ego. Before Edward Sharpe, Alex was the lead singer of the boyband Ima Robot, which you probably know from the TV series Suits and its theme "Green Back Boogie".Alex Ebert's life is full of ups and downs. He was a drug addict, he got to rehab, he openly supported Bernie Sanders, he wrote Sanders' campaign slogan and now he is back with new music.
He has just published the new music video for the track Broken Record, directed by  Kevin Circosta. In a statement about the track, Ebert noted that "Broken Record" is intended to be part of an unspecified new "adventure" – but not an album.

"Once in a while enough heartache piles up, and you get that tender electric," he said. "And that wide open space is that terribly alive shit. Terribly alive. And that's that ocean I love best. That's that adventure. That's that void-blown, step-blind trust. This song 'Broken Record' is the first of a whole thing. Not an album. An adventure. I'm leaning out. I can't speak for other people right now. Just myself."
"Broken Record" marks Ebert's first solo music since his 2011 debut, Alexander. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros released their fourth LP, PersonA, in 2016.


INTERVIEW: The Dead South

I have to admit that I am a secret lover of country-folk music. When it comes with a gritty voice then it becomes a passion.
This is what happened to me when I first heard of The Death South. 

LOMW: Most of the times when I listen to a band, I wonder what their name means, and this is how I am going to start this little Interview.
Would you share the story? 

TDS: When the band was in its very early stages we had a drummer and he came up with the name "The Dead Souths". It ended up sounding


London Grammar-Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

Hannah, Daniel and Dot are the people that make London Grammar what it is. Personally, sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them, but right now I am in the love zone for this trio. Their last track "Truth is a beautiful thing" made me believe in them again. London Grammar's music has been described as "a blend of ambient, ethereal and classical sounds"[26] with melancholy guitar, soaring vocals, and plaintive lyrics. The songs are a collaborative effort as Hannah explains: "I write the lyrics and the top lines. But the songs initiate from all three of us. Dot will write a piano part or a music score. Dan will add some guitars." She describes the songs as "emotionally affected" and "writes about people who come in and out of my life." They make new music for the first time since 2013. And judging by their new album, this break worked perfect for them musically. You can listen to their new track here.


Lucy Rose ft. The Staves-Floral Dresses

Lucy Rose is back and this time is more determined than ever.
In her brand new track "Floral Dresses" she embraces her folk side... but you know folk doesn't mean light and happy and joyful, it can also be dark and heavy, especially when you combine it with lyrics like "...Your disapproval cuts through..." For this new work, Rose collaborates with The Staves, for the most haunting vocals you have heard.
Before the documentary about her Latin American Tour organised by her fans comes out, Lucy Rose, is ready to win your little souls for ever with the music video for Floral Dresses.
Enjoy it here on Lyrics On My Wall.


Cold War Kids-Love is Mystical

Since "Hospital Beds", Cold War Kids have a special place in my musical heart. They have created a unique way to express hard feelings. They get too personal, and they are not afraid to share their own personal stories through their music. On February 2, 2017, Cold War Kids released the lead single, entitled "Love Is Mystical", to their sixth studio album L.A. Divine, which is to be released on April 7, 2017. Willett says about the song, “It’s about supernatural love—looking for inspiration and meaning, surrendering to feeling, love calling out your name and that journey we must go on to find it.”
You can watch here the mesmerizing music video and read the lyrics.