Leon-The Real Elevator

Leon Veremis is the man behind the band "Leon". This band is a collectiva of talented musicians from every music area, such as indie, folk, rock, pop, disco etc. Leon was born in UK to greek parents and this was the main reason to explore Greece, especially the traditions and the music. His first album "Futrue" was produced by Ottomo and Josh Clark from "Beirut" (we will talk about him later). "The Real Elevator" is an upbeat track and I promise you it is able to lift you up in the clouds. You can watch and read the lyrics of "The Real Elevator" here.

Leon-The Real Elevator

Talking about the real thing
the real elevator

Up,up and down
we are laughing through our tears
Bodies shaking,bodies making
love in crazy tempo

Up,up and down
we are laughing through our tears
We re the pretty monsters on the bicycles

A big storm begun
and the junkies try to find a hole
we don't shoot 
but we are junkies too you know

Rain,rain stardust
from the skies to the cities cages
rain pretty balloons
going down to the lonely empires

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