Tin Sparrow-For You

Matt, Sonja, Dean and Mark introduced to us as "Tin Sparrow". They claim their music style is "happy-folk for happy folks", which 
makes them immediately adorable. Tin Sparrow band is coming from Sydney and they started in 2010. They became quite famous after they had their song "For You" played on tv show Grey's Anatomy. Their influences are Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and of course Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. You can watch them perform live and the read the lyrics of "For You" here. 


Tin Sparrow-For You

Put my thoughts together as I wrote you this letter in my room,
On a crumpled piece of paper there were 3 words addressed to you,
It's alright, it's alright now don't panic too soon,
Kuz my love ,well, all my love is there for you,
For you, It's all for you.
It's all for you.

Now the blood-red sky is reflecting like last nights rain.
And i'm starting to think that there's not enough ink on the page.
I hope, hope that you, know the truth.
My time, my effort my soul it's all for you. 
It's all for you.

And I know sometimes I seem sad,
blue and grey.
But I don't think this time for you has been a waste.
Kuz it was all for you.

It was all for you.

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