Interview: Steve Burgos

Listening to music all day on YouTube comes eventually to a point, where I meet awesome people with the power of their talent. 
Today we are here to talk about Steve Burgos. He is talking with us through another long-distance Q&A . Here it is!

Long-Distance Q&A

LOMW: Greetings from Greece, Steve!  I hope you are doing fine today! It’s our pleasure to have you today on LOMW.  From where are you answering this Q&A?
 STEVE: Hello! I’m doing great today! It’s my pleasure to be answering you from my home in New Jersey, USA.

 LOMW:  Do you have any roots in Greece? Your surname sounds a little Greek in a way!
 STEVE: I have been asked this many times but believe it or not I do not! My roots lie in Spain. Burgos is a city in Spain I one day hope to visit!

LOMW:   Recently I was lucky enough to listen to a cover from you and since then I’ve listened everything uploaded by you.  Do you have a thing with empty rooms while you record?
 STEVE: Thank you for checking out all my covers! The last few times I’ve recorded were either in vacant offices at my current job or empty rooms while redoing my house. The acoustics really sounded great in those rooms and I figured it was a good opportunity to record in them while they were open!


LOMW:  While I was searching more about you I couldn’t help but notice that in your YouTube Channel, you upload only covers and your originals are on Soundcloud only, is there a strategy hidden?
 STEVE: I felt that before I can start posting originals on YouTube I needed to establish myself first. This includes picking more popular covers and gaining a few more subscribers to gain interest. I figured once I get a bit more of a following people might be more interested in what I have to say as both a writer and musician.  One thing I’ve learned is that it is a challenge trying to put yourself out there on YouTube and gather attention. I’m hoping my strategy of attempting to satisfy what people want to hear will eventually draw them to inquire more about who I am and what I have to say.
LOMW: You are a guitar specialist though in your originals I can hear more instruments, are all of them played by you or you prefer to collaborate with other musicians when needed?
 STEVE: In all of my recordings thus far, everything you hear is everything I play. Along with learning the guitar I began to pick up other instruments. Many of which belonged to my brother but I eventually borrowed them indefinitely to learn to play them on my own. Over the years I’ve taught myself bass, drums, ukulele, some piano and most of what I know on guitar. I also adopted singing by observing friends growing up and singing along with my favorite artists such as Bob Marley. I loved the feeling of learning to play the guitar so I figured why stop there! My music has always been a form of self-expression, and I’ve always liked to have my hands on every instrument and every aspect of the sound. However, over the years I’ve had the chance to play and create with many friends that without I wouldn’t be where I am as a musician today.

LOMW:  “I can’t make you listen. But if you listen, I can make you think.”
This is one of the best things I have read. What’s the secret meaning though?
 STEVE:  I’ve seen many musicians enter full biographies of who they are, what their music sounds like and why you should listen. In no way am I saying this isn’t a great approach to draw insight to who you are, it is, but for me it wasn’t. I could have written whatever I wanted in that empty space to draw attention to why one should listen. I found it was easier to address the point that I cannot make someone listen to my music. But if they chose to and truly listened, I could make them think about their life and how they live it. If you listen to my music you’ll know exactly who I am and what I stand for. I guess the ultimate goal was to generate a sense of curiosity.

LOMW: Covers VS Originals. Which one wins and why?
 STEVE: Originals. No question! Covers are brilliant and really display a person’s talent to replicate another song. However, I think that more and more people attempting covers are doing it while lacking originality. They strive to mirror the exact sound and pace of the original. It should be about your style and your view on it! No one can tell you it’s wrong because it’s your voice and your art. On the other hand, original songs are the life of the artist. It allows the writer to uniquely address experience through his or her own eyes. It displays in sound the artist coming face to face with their fears, their hardships, their love, and what they believe is true. Keeping an open mind while listening to music can provide one of the most powerful insights into another person’s soul.

LOMW: What’s your opinion about the Music Industry nowadays? Does the internet help the musicians like you to step forward?
STEVE: The Music Industry is a business. It revolves around those that are generating the most revenue and creating the most interest in their respective fields. I think it puts money before the music. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced the nature of the business but I can observe the nature of mainstream musicians. I think the business regards the artist’s image as highly as their music and to me that shouldn’t be important.
The Internet absolutely helps us to step forward. For our generation everything is done and seen through the Internet. It brought you to hear my music from the other side of the globe! People who may not be ready to play live and perform can gain attention via the Internet. I think it’s been the perfect step towards becoming more comfortable with performing before physically putting yourself out there.

LOMW:  Do you have anything planned? An album maybe?
STEVE: As of right now, my current plan is to continue to write and turn my experience into something relatable, yet unique. As an artist there is an enormous amount of room to grow and learn and I believe where I am now is right where I desire to be. I’m not certain that music is something I will pursue for a living but it will always be a form of expression for me. I enjoy sharing my sound with the world and for right now that is more than satisfying. As for the future, I hope the day comes where I can’t dispute that this is my purpose and that I can make the sacrifices needed to become a full time musician. Until then I am content just being heard!

LOMW:  Is there any collaboration you’ve been dreaming of?
STEVE:  When I was twelve I heard the song “Taylor” by Jack Johnson and it immediately drew me to guitar. Since that day I’ve been playing and writing my own stuff. If I could create and play music with one person it would be Jack. His influence on my music and my lifestyle has been monumental. 

LOMW:   What’s the most interesting thing you know about Greece?
STEVE:  Without question the most interesting thing about Greece to me is its history. From a young age I was taught in school all of the contributions Greece provided to the world. From mythology, to its influence on language and even the famous Greek philosophers, throughout history Greece has inspired so much of how we operate and think today.

LOMW:  We are coming to an end but before we finish this Q&A I have to give you your mission. For others it was to salute the Greek audience in Greek, but for you
-The cover-master- is going to be something different. I want you to find a Greek song that you like and tell me why you like it. 
 STEVE:  “Zorba the Greek.” I really enjoy this song! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpt72mXyFXw) The progressive increase in tempo makes it impossible to not want to move. When I worked as a caterer I had worked a few Greek parties and the response from everyone in the room was always wonderful. It created this great energy and I even found myself dancing (poorly) around the workplace! The pacing of the instruments develops such an addicting build up that you find yourself moving along to the rhythm and smiling all the while.  

LOMW: It was really fun to have you on LOMW. I wish you the best and I am sure of a bright career in music.
STEVE: The pleasure was all mine! I’m honored you thought enough of my sound to ask some really wonderful questions! It is always nice to share and learn from a fellow music lover.

Find more about Steve Burgos here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SteveBurgosMusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Thickerthanwtr
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116155080942099076467/about
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thickerthanwtr
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/steveburgos

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