Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova-If You Want Me

Another Irish genious with his partner from Czech Republic. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, this duo is known for its appearence in the movie "ONCE". They both won Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2007. This song "If you want me" is a masterpiece. A combination of melancholy and nostalgia. You don't know what you are about to feel while listening to it. If you haven't watched the movie, you should probably add it to the watch later list. Watch their live performance and read the lyrics of "If You Love Me" here.



It's not his first time on #LOMW. Passenger has been here before with his amazing tune "Let her Go". Today we have the release of his new music video "Holes". For one more time he speaks the truth. The video is not like a huge production but his real life through a busking. The lyrics are meaningful and a remaster has happened to the original tune. You can watch the music video and read the lyrics here.


Tegan & Sara-Closer

Tegan & Sara are two twin sisters from Canada. They have formed their duo in 1995 and since then they have released seven albums already. Indie/pop/alternative with some electronic vibes are the genres they experiment in music. Both of them can write music, sing and play the keboards. Their last album "Heartrob" met massive recognition by the audience. One of the songs is "Closer" and it's about two people trying to reach each other. Here you can read the lyrics and watch the insane music video.


The Lone Bellow-Bleeding Out

There was Zach Williams, an artist performing solo in a small and cute diner in Brooklyn, when he met the other two, Kanene Pipkin and Brian Elmquist, then after practicing a few songs together, Zach decided to form the trio "The Lone Bellow". The real inspiration came after the accident of Zach's wife that left her almost paraplegic. Most of the songs are his writings in a journal. Sadness and melancholy strike with each word. "Bleeding Out" is one song of their debut album. You can read the lyrics and watch the music video here.


Coasts - Oceans

It was impossible to find out many details about the "Coasts". I looked in every link and nothing but their hometown: Bristol, their songs: Oceans and Wallow and their names: Chris, Liam, James and David. It is absolutely possible though when you find them to fall in love with them right away. Since, we are in the heart of the summer, "Oceans" is a great choice! You can watch and read the lyrics here.



U.T.R.B. stands for Until The Ribbon Breaks and the man behind that weird title is Pete Lawrie. He used to work under his own name until the moment he decided to change his music horizon. Then, he turned into U.T.R.B. He became a specialist in remixes like Wicked Games by The Weeknd or King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men. Today we are going to present probably his second published tune as U.T.R.B. "Pressure". It's a song with twisted meanings, full of metaphors and ironies about a man under pressure. You have to follow the lyrics many times and each time you will be getting a whole different point. You can watch the music video and read the lyrics of "Pressure" here.


Wyclef Jean-Justice

This time we are not posting this one for the artist, or for the kind of music he makes but for the message he spreads. We think that since we are living under the laws of democracy we should demand Justice. And after the news about Zimmerman and the rise of rasicm attacks, this demand looks even more necessary. Here you can watch the new tribute music video of "Justice" by Wyclef Jean and read the lyrics.


Cold War Kids-Lost That Easy

You must be ready for this one! They are dark. They are bold. They have something you want badly. We are talking about the Cold War Kids. The bandname itself is tricky. A few things you must know about them. 1)They are coming from Silverlake,California 2)Their music style is something between Rock,Punk and Soul 3)Their names: Matthew, Nathan, Dann and Maust 4)Their label: Downtown 5)Their music: ORIGINAL.
Today we introduce you "Lost That Easy", a song about a drunk confession. The music video is inspired by an unfinished horror film by the renowned '40s and '50s French director Henri-Georges Clouzot. Read the lyrics and watch the music video of "Lost That Easy" here. 



What happens when you hit Alt and J on a Mac? You actually type the greek letter delta (Δ). And what does Δ mean? In Maths, it symbolises the change. Now, you have the whole explanation of the bandname but there is also a story. The journey of the band -as it was formed- came to a turning point so they decided to change their style and life AND their name (Alt-J)!  Now about the song. Taro was a war photojournalist in the late 40's/early 50's. She died in her line of work when a tank collided into the side of a car she was riding on. The other important name in this song was Gerda's romantic interest, and colleague, Robert Capa. During the First Indochina War, Capa retreated from his Jeep in a hostile war zone to take pictures. He stepped on a landmine however, which blew apart his left leg. He was taken to a medical station where he died with his camera in his hand. Watch their live performance on KEXP and read the lyrics here. 


San Cisco-Beach

Jordi & Josh & Scarlett & Nick are the members of San Cisco. I am convienced that natural talents are being born in Australia, in UK and in Ireland. And guess what... this awesome band was being formed in Australia! They started in 2009 but they knew each other from school. From weekend-jams to the top 100 of Triple J, they got many experiences! Now they are travelling around touring and they travel us with their indie-pop music. Right now we are going to the "Beach". Watch a sweet music video and read the lyrics here. 


James Vincent McMorrow-Sparrow and the Wolf

James Vincent McMorrow has been the love of my life for a long long time. He comes from Dublin and he was born in 1983. His young age wasn't the reason to write cheesy lyrics and music. He is a real storyteller and not all of his stories have a happy ending. Whoever listens to him gets different meanings of his lyrics. James has been quiet lately but he promised a new album to his fans and we are all looking forward to it. Until then, you can watch the music video of "Sparrow and the Wolf" and read the lyrics here.

*Don't hesitate to post your ideas about what hes says in this song. Is it about a divorce, about a break up, about a love story? What is it about?


CocoRosie-After The Afterlife

Freak Folk.  Have you ever heard about that kind of music?  It is a mix of pop,opera,electronica,blues and hip hop. The CocoRosie duo is here to give us an example of what this music is exactly. Coco and Rosie are two girls who met each other in Paris and formed their band there in 2003. They have played in Europe, USA and elsewhere. Their last music video of "After the Afterlife" was published by Nowness and it's something between heaven and hell. Divine landscapes vs dark, mystical creatures are featured in the video. If you can't imagine what's afterlife, then you have many reasons to watch this video and read the lyrics here.


The Lighthouse and the Whaler-White Days

If you read through their Facebook Page you will find out a few interesting things about The Lighthouse and the Whaler. The band was formed in 2009. The genre is  indie-folk-pop, even though the members claim that labels are not able to reflect what music is about. There is no Record Label and this is exactly what makes them even more interesting. They are from Ohio and they still live there but they have already caught the attention of MTV, Fuse, FILTER, Spinner, Under the Radar and other media outlets that cater to indie-folk-pop music fans. You can watch their debut music video of "White Days" and read the lyrics here.


The Neighbourhood-Female Robbery

I guess I woke up kinda dark and moody, that's why I decided to post this song by The Neighbourhood. This band was only formed in 2011, but their impact was enormous. They used to be good friends and they were sharing their vision for an alternative rock band. So they did. Once they formed their band, they came out spreading a whole mystery about their lives, their history and everything. This mystery is still on but you can find out more about them by listening to their music. They call their genre "black & white" and this is exactly how they whole imagery of them is. B&W music videos, photoshootings,artworks etc. "Female Robbery" is a song that can make you feel different things. Its music video starts very weird. A woman  is speaking in French but the subtitles are saying the opposite meanings... What's true? That's up to you to choose.