Coasts - Oceans

It was impossible to find out many details about the "Coasts". I looked in every link and nothing but their hometown: Bristol, their songs: Oceans and Wallow and their names: Chris, Liam, James and David. It is absolutely possible though when you find them to fall in love with them right away. Since, we are in the heart of the summer, "Oceans" is a great choice! You can watch and read the lyrics here.

Coasts - Oceans

We fell in love
Right by the ocean
Made all our plans
Down on the sand

Annotate And from the tips of your fingers
Down to the soles of your feet
A glimmer in your skin
That I can't believe
And take a trip to the sea
Let your hair run, run free
You're a rebel in disguise
Is that the devil in your eyes

Wider smiles than I've ever seen
Your little arms hug your body
This is more than I can take
You're the fruit that I can taste
You only seek what you give away
You'll only speak what you wanna say
You ululate like a warrior
I'll make you shake like your bed girl

This is our garden girl
We live in a fractured world
Willing to be the same
Same as it always was
We're in a rapture girl
We live in a lonely world
Willing to be the same
Same as it always was

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  1. Anonymous24.2.14

    What does the song mean, what do the lyrics mean?