James Vincent McMorrow-Sparrow and the Wolf

James Vincent McMorrow has been the love of my life for a long long time. He comes from Dublin and he was born in 1983. His young age wasn't the reason to write cheesy lyrics and music. He is a real storyteller and not all of his stories have a happy ending. Whoever listens to him gets different meanings of his lyrics. James has been quiet lately but he promised a new album to his fans and we are all looking forward to it. Until then, you can watch the music video of "Sparrow and the Wolf" and read the lyrics here.

*Don't hesitate to post your ideas about what hes says in this song. Is it about a divorce, about a break up, about a love story? What is it about?

James Vincent McMorrow-Sparrow and the Wolf

Sparrow and wolf lay as still as the blades of the grass
like worn leather boots, of colour and size that would last
caught them a lark in a trap, and each held a wing
then they tore it apart, before that small bird could sing

Confused by the wind, bruised by the size of the rain
she turned back to him, begged for love to remain
but plans have been made, all the furniture sold
so just store up your hate, use it for warmth when you're cold

For I have seen no joy, only danger,
I see no joy, only strangers,
I see no joy, see no joy in this world
should you, choose to go, please be careful of,
lonesome roads, men who travel them,
will not know, will not know of your ways

Still I have, seen no joy, only dangers,
I see no joy, only strangers,
I see no joy, see no joy in this world,
should you choose to go, please remember what
you have learned, from the little bird,
always dear, always dear to my heart

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