Ben Harper-Waiting For You

If you need a person who plays all kind of music with his own mark still there. Then you will find then in Ben Harper. He was born in 1969 in California. He plays an electric mix of blues, rock, folk, reggae, soul, r'n'b, pop, traditional. "Waiting For You" is one of my older discoveries, but you know when you listen to music all day long, you have those illuminations that lead you to post beautiful songs like this one. Here you can watch the live performance of "Waiting For you" and feel all the passion coming out from Ben Harper.

Ben Harper-Waiting For You
I've been waiting for you
Never found anything else to do
But waiting for you

I've been calling your name
Never found anything else the same
Nothing's the same

I keep hearing your name
Nothing else sounds the same
As hearing your name

I've been hoping for you
What else can I do
But keep hoping for you

You can kill a lot of time
If you really put your mind to it
Or leave it all behind
And never go through it

What else can I do

Keep waiting for you 

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