Big Scary-Luck Now

The "Big Scary" is an indie-pop duo from Melbourne! It's not the first time LOMW hosts a band from Australia and definitely not the last. They have this garage-rock style and they sound too natural! "Luck Now" is a song with a few words but solid meaning, describing the exact sound of the heart, we all lose every day. Dark and insane. You can watch the music video and read the lyrics of "Luck Now" here.

Big Scary-Luck Now

You see my love is no formal position
You say my love is just cold repetition re-done
I fear that I'm another acquisition
I fear that I'm now just pure imposition my love
You see that I'm losing the heart
You see that I'm losing more heart every day
I remember the heat at the start
Then the sound of my feet as I walk on my way

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