High Highs-Once Around The House

The brand new indie-pop-folk-rock duo from Australia "High Highs" is our new entry to #LOMW. They only became a band in 2013 and they are already pretty big in USA with their debut album "Open Season" released. Jack Milas and Oli Chang are behind the mysteriously sweet song "Once Around The House". When you watch the music video and listen to the harmonic vocals you can catch yourself dreaming for a while... Read the lyrics and watch the music video here.

High Highs-Once Around The House 

The night time for to talk in
the night time for the tow

The home was restless and alone
buried in the snow

The wind blew down the chimney now
it left the fire dead

I'll curl once around the house
and hurry on to bed

I wonder if you sat down, try not to worry

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