Interview: Joel Baker

  He is a very young and talented man from Nottingham. He knows what he wants and he's trying to reach his dreams. His music is something that can definitely cheer you up when you're feeling blue. After our brand new look on LOMW. We definitely needed a brand new entry for our long-distance Q&As. Today’s guest said a big yes right away, so with honor I present you Joel Baker! Childhood,music,God, future plans, tours...we've talked about everything! Enjoy! :)
LOMW: Welcome on LOMW, Joel! I hope you have fun with this Q&A. First of all, tell us, from where exactly are you answering this?  
 JB: I’m writing this from my friend’s flat in Holloway, London – where I record all my music – whilst watching Manchester United vs Chelsea.
LOMW: So Nottingham is your hometown, in Greece we basically know this place from the movie with Julia Roberts. How is it to grow up there? What is your best memory?  
JB: Nottingham is great. It is a town with a lot of good music right now – Jake Bugg, Dog Is Dead, Saint Raymond – and a lot of culture. Best memory of Nottingham was going to the park with my brother to play football every week.

LOMW: I always have a little research before any interview with musicians. In your Facebook page you identify your music genre as “Soul-centered and heart-felt”. What do you mean by this? What should your fans expect from your music?

 JB: I pour my heart out, and put my soul in to, everything I do musically. People should expect honesty, vulnerability, wrapped up in some moody production. 

LOMW: A few words by you in your website are saying that you moved in London to work in Parliament but then the music started to become a bigger part in your life. Is music a life-living job right now for you?  
JB: I still work for a Member of Parliament in the House Of Commons. However I’m leaving soon
LOMW: What has a new artist to do in order to earn some public recognition nowadays?  
JB: Putting unique covers up on youtube are a good way when you’re starting from scratch. I always think good music will rise in the end, so just concentrate on making the best music you possibly can.

LOMW: Record Labels Vs. Independency. Which and why?  
JB: Independency all the way. Find your sound. Create a national following. Build up an online presence.  Do it your way, then the record labels can’t tell you nothing! There’s still a place for labels though. 

LOMW: You are influenced by “God. Life. Love.” How does God influence you and inspire you to write music? Do you think that those three things are connected with each other?  
 JB: My faith influences my world-view, and my world-view influences everything that I write.

LOMW: “Long Sleeves” is the title of your album. Why should the people buy this album in your opinion?
What’s inside that they need?
 JB: Long Sleeves is good music, honest lyrics, with a unique sound. If people like feel-good organic music they’ll love Long Sleeves

LOMW: As you told me, you perform in various festivals these days. It is a big dream of mine to visit some of them. What are the things you like and dislike when you are on tour?  
JB: You should visit! The UK has some great festivals. I really love being on tour, it’s a great feeling traveling to new places doing what you love doing. I’m going on my 2nd tour with an artist called Saint Raymond in Sept/Oct. I really want to go on tour in Europe.

LOMW: Before we call it a wrap, I want you to expose your soul and tell us what are your dreams for future? How would you love to see yourself in 20-30 years?
JB: Great question. I’ve got lots of dreams. Who knows which ones will come true, and what new dreams I’ll pick up over the years! In 20/30 years, I want to be more in love with Jesus, I want to have a wife and kids, a warm home, and a dog, first and foremost. I’d love to become a respected singer songwriter by then, have released two or three really great albums, and go on tour in America. It’s my dream to create a blues EP too. Finally, in about 30 years, I’d love to start working towards becoming a Member Of Parliament. I work in Parliament now, so it’s inspired me to become an MP one day myself.  
LOMW: Joel, it was my pleasure to have you on LOMW for this long-distance Q&A. I wish all your dreams to come true and all your fears to fade away. The music path you chose is not the easiest one but I am sure that talents like yours, sooner or later get the recognition they deserve. Thank you very much for accepting my propose! I hope to see you one day in Greece!  

JB: What a beautiful interview q&a. Thanks for having me! Anytime. Joel xx


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