Mat Kearney - Ships In The Night

Mat Kearney is the indie-folk artist from Eugene,Oregon featured in every popular drama tv show in USA. His carreer started when he moved in Nashville and his last album was releasen in 2011. The song "Ships In The Night" describes how a couple fights to make the things work out between them! If you read the lyrics, eventually you will find yourself in those words!



In 2013 something great happened, the "Smallpools" were created! The four-piece indie band from USA came to life and even if it's still 2013, they have made it to the top! They have already toured with San Cisco and right now they are out there with Walk The Moon. Their song "Dreaming" features in FIFA 14 and in the season premiere of Vampire Diaries. Note their name, cause they are about to stay for a long time!
Watch the music video of "Dreaming" and read the lyrics here.


The Kooks – How'd You Like That

"The Kooks" is a the name of the britpop band from UK! They have experimented many music genres such as post-punk, rock, reggae, ska! The Kooks earned the recognition of the people from the start. Their debut album "Inside In/Inside Out became massive in Europe and in Australia. They won many awards and became platinum. Their last album "Junk of the Heart came out in 2011. The tracklist is full of little diamonds. One of them is here on #LOMW. "How'd You Like That" is a song about pleasure in heaven! Let the Kooks do the job!
Watch here the music video and read the lyrics!


Nightmare & The Cat-Be Your Own God

"We are Nightmare and the Cat... and that is that." This is exactly how the members of this band introduce themselves on their facebook page! And it's enough, because they are saying much through their music! 5 members are making insane vibes in LA and they share it with us by publishing their EP "Simple".  Here is a song about standing on your feet by your own! Remember the "Nightmare and the Cat", they came to stay!


The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust

Joy Williams and John Paul White make "The Civil Wars". Coming from USA. They have left a remarkable impact to the music industry. They only met in 2008 but since then, they have won many awards for best duo, or best folk album.Their songs have been featured in tv shows like Grey's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries. Even if in 2012 the duo went on hiatus, citing "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.They came back in 2013 with a new album and the release of the music video for "Dust To Dust". This song will be the soundtrack of the new movie "Carrie". You can watch the music video and read the beautiful lyrics here.


James Vincent McMorrow-Cavalier

James Vincent McMorrow was born and raised in north Dublin. He started by playing the drums in a hardcore rock band, after that he went into his bedroom and started to teach himself how to be a singer and a songwriter! Now he is famous for the high notes he is able to hit and for his lyrics. In my opinion "Early In The Morning" is an unforgettable album! Each song has an amazing meaning. But this talented man came up with another masterpiece, the album "Post Tropical". "Cavalier" is the first track that gets released and judging by that I think that McMorrow hasn't lost his talent at all! Τhe song speaks for itself! Check out the lyrics and the line "i remember my first love" will haunt you down for sure! Enjoy :)


The Killers-Shot At The Night

I guess we have a thing with the boybands! You probably know them already, but in case you don't then here we are. Meet The Killers! The rock band from LA, Nevada! Formed in 2001 and had massive success all over the world! The lead vocalist had a solo work and now he is back with the Killers for a new work "Direct Hits". "Shot At The Night" is a lovestory and the music video is like a fairytale. Here you can watch the beautiful music video and read the lyrics.


Wild Belle-Another Girl

Elliot and Natalie Bergman are the two of four children born by musicians parents. They formed their indie band "Wild Belle" in 2011 and since then they made it to the top! Their album "Isle" was released in 2013 and each song has that soul,funky,reggae, jazz with a cover of indie-rock and acoustic-folk. I know this description doesn't say much until you listen to them. Watch here the music video of their track "Another Girl" and feel like you are in Matala, Crete with other hippies arround! ;) 


Icona Pop-Light Me Up

Icona Pop. The electro-pop and indie kind of rock duo from Stockholm. They formed back in 2009 after they've met in a party. After that they got massive recognition for their song "I Love It" and their debut single "Manners". For "Manners" the Guardian wrote that it is "effortlessly cool" and this is what it is for real. Here you can watch their brand new track "Light Me Up" accompanied by their official lyric-video. Have fun with "Icona Pop" cause they are cool and we love them!


Snow Ghosts - And The World Was Gone

Today's band: "Snow Ghosts". Category: Folk-Metal. Skills: Makes you travel in the Wonderland. Yes that's right! Ross Tones and Hannah Cartwright are the members and they come from London. It's impossible not accept the chill that their music can provide you. This is exactly what's happening with their tune "And The World Was Gone". You can watch the music video and read their lyrics here.



I am so sorry I don't know much about this band. I only know that their name "WALK THE MOON" was taken from the song "Walking on the Moon" by Police. I also know that they came together in 2008 and since then their energy in their live shows earned the love of the audience. Today I am happy to introduce you their "Tightrope". An upbeat song with an even more upbeat music video. Enjoy it by watching it and read its lyrics here.


Matt & Kim-Let's Go

If there is some truth behind the success of the DIY attitude toward music, then Matt & Kim are definetely the best example ever! They formed their great band in 2006 with Matt as lead vocalist and keayboard player and Kim as drummer! They had to put all their effort in order to become what they are today. They made it literally to every famous game existing. FIFA, Need for Speed, The Sims. They have played their indie-pop music in every big festival like Bonnaroo. "Lightning" is their last album and the single "Let's Go" was firstly published on "Funny Or Die" website in November. This song is going to turn your Wednesdays into Fridays. Promise!! Watch the music video and read the lyrics here.


Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures

The young Benjamin Francis Leftwich, was only born in 1989 in York,UK. Velvet-like voice and great songwriting skills make the combination of certain success. His debut album "Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm" is already running wild and inside you will find a few of the best diamonds. His song "Pictures" can easily haunt you. To me, this song is talking about death and  how we are scared about it. The music video is amazingly directed and it's full of snakes! Watch the music video and read the lyrics here.