Interview: Panagiotis Koufogiannis

LOMW proudly presents Panagiotis Koufogiannis. The very first Cypriot entry! He is a very talented musician. He loves the punch lines and that’s why his originals are going to be on top of our playlists!

LOMW: Panagiotis, welcome on LOMW! We are very proud to have you here. First of all tell us from where exactly are you answering this long-distance Q&A?
P.K.: Hello and thanks for showing interest! :) I am currently located in the United States. More precisely in Boston, Massachusetts.

LOMW: From Strovolos to Boston, how was that journey? From thinking about it to actually do it…
P.K.: It ‘s quite the journey. It is hard to leave your life in the motherland behind but I have a dream and wanted to pursue it which made the transition a lot easier.

LOMW: You are quite famous in YouTube. You have covers from every popular song and people seem to love them! How easy or difficult is it to work unsigned?
P.K.: Hahaha, thank you but I’m far from being famous. I’m still pretty small and unknown. It is really difficult when you work with no support from a sponsor or a record label. The only thing that keeps artists working under such conditions is their love about what they do. It is really important for me that a few people like what I do and they ask for more. Their messages and good words make me want to keep creating more and more music!

LOMW: Can you describe us what it means to be out there in the “concrete jungle”?
P.K.: It’s pretty tough especially when the profession of being a musician is a really hard one in terms of making a living out of it. In the end it comes down to your mentality and your point of view towards your life. I’m a really positive person so I just try to fix things rather than complain about them.

LOMW: Your originals seem to have today’s sense. “Financial Crisis” or “Me Vs Life” are obviously inspired by the daily life, but what else puts you into writing-mode?
P.K.: I am inspired by almost everything. I have numerous original songs. Hopefully one day I can release more than what I have so far so people can listen! I write a lot of pop music with ‘silly’ lyrics but I also like writing about love, pain and more obscure subjects such as religion, time or characters of movies/books.

LOMW: You’ve hit the number 1 in Cyprus iTunes chart with “Financial Crisis” what does it mean for you to be number one in your home?
P.K.: It means a lot really! It’s not really a hard thing to hit number 1 in Cyprus though – I like to be honest-. People scarcely use iTunes there but again, it’s a great thing, it shows some level of acknowledgement about my music.

LOMW: Who are the people that without them you wouldn’t come that far?
P.K.: I would list a hundred names if I could. But I would say my family for supporting my choices and backing me up especially financially. And if I had to pick only one musician I’d pick my voice teacher Charlie Sorrento who taught me amazing things!

LOMW: What are your future plans? Have you anything planned like a tour or the release of an album?
P.K.: I work with a lot of people as a producer and a songwriter. My goal is to make my way up gradually and steadily and also make my YouTube channel bigger because this is my only medium through which I can show my music to people.

LOMW: What should your fans expect from your work?
P.K.: I still grow as an artist so new ideas emerge all the time! I will be releasing new material on a regular basis and those ideas will be present in it. I try to listen what people tell me and improve the way they want me to, otherwise they are the ones who give you credit!

LOMW: Thank you for being here on LOMW, Panagiotis! We wish you never give up on your dreams, because all of them will come true! We are always here to support people with talent. So, we are expecting you here with a new original!! Be good and have fun for the rest of your life! :)
P.K.: Thank you so much and again, thanks for the interest! :)

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