Hey Ocean!-If I Were A Ship

My wonderful music lovers!
 We are back with a new song from the cute indie band from Canada, Hey Ocean! The band was formed in 2005 and their last album "IS" has every reason to make you want it! Very cool music, wonderful lyrics and the melodic voice of Ashleigh Ball. "If I Were A Ship" is the song we decided to post today on LOMW. Because after all February is known for the Valentine's Day and this song is only for lovers!

Hey Ocean!-If I Were A Ship

If I were a ship,
I'd sail to your shore.
Just to see my true love
The one I adore.
I would part all these provinces
In my paper boat.
And I'd kiss you and kiss you and kiss you
'Til we both just float.

If I were a bird
I'd sing out your name.
Parched high up on my branch
And I'd hope that you came.
I would spread both my wings
And I'd take to the sky.
I would bear all the wind and the rain
Just to be by your side.

If I were a song
I'd be in just the right key.
I'd be all the best instruments
In sweet harmony.
Oh I'd play oh so loudly,
In hopes that you heard.
Because music is love
In search of the words.
Yes, music is love
In search of the words.


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