Foxes-Let Go for Tonight

Sooo...Monday again! I am going to try and make it a bit better for you. Foxes is the stage name of Louisa Rose Allen. She is only 24 but she has won already a BRIT award. She writes her own music and it's always pop. She claims that she makes songs that make you feel shit at the beginning and happy at the end. Her album "Glorious" is climbing the music charts and the single "Let Go For Tonight" gives you every reason to get up and start dancing. Enjoy it here! facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Cage The Elephant-Take It or Leave It

Friday! We are going to celebrate it with this band from USA. "Cage The Elephant" and their fresh song "Take It or Leave It". You are going to enjoy a weird music video with a great mix of indie-rock and punk music. Those boys can make you feel good on this Friday! Enjoy them on Lyrics On My Wall.


Absynthe Minded-Envoi

I had to dust off my favorite playlist on YouTube so I can refresh it with new tunes, when this happened! I rediscovered Absynthe Minded, they are better than ever! I like to post new songs here, but this band reminded me that I should appreciate equally the old tracks I loved once in the past! "Envoi" is a sweet and uplifting song to start your Thursday morning. And as long as we are having Throwback Thursdays in social media, I am going to post this oldie with all my love. Pay attention my Belgian friends...this is for you! Absynthe Minded used to be one man band but soon enough they became five. They create nice funky, jazz indie rock music with cool lyrics. "Envoi" describes how a song changes as long as you leave it unreleased! You have to let it go and free yourself from the words that tie you to the feelings of the song. Absynthe Minded are from Belgium! Enjoy their music here.  facebook.com/lyricsonmywall



Well, I have the right to post about Passenger 3 times and even more. As long as he keeps on writing such good songs. He just released the first single of the upcoming album "Whispers", which comes out in June. In this new track, Passenger speaks his heart out. You are going to feel like he speaks your heart too, listening to the lines "I've got open eyes, And an open door,But i don't know what i'm searching for.I should know by now."
Enjoy this beautiful song and preorder the new album "Whispers" by Passenger. I am looking forward to his new inspirations... he seems full of it after all! :)


José González-Stay Alive

José González is a Swedish singer and songwriter, born in 1978. He is well known for his indie-folk tunes! Jose is also a great guitarist who collaborated with many artists on stage. He is also a member of the band "Junip". His track "Heartbeats" is still playing in the top charts, but he is back for the scoring of the movie "The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty". One of the soundtracks is already a hit and you can watch it here. We are talking about "Stay Alive" which is playing at the end credits of the film and you can see a few shots in the music video. Enjoy and like our page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


The Pierces-Kings

Since 2000, Catherine and Allison, The Pierces, create the best folk,trip-pop music you have heard! They were born to two hippies parents, who exposed the girls to the Arts from their very young years. The Pierces struggled to earn the recognition from a label and after their first album "got lost in the shuffle" they released the second album via Universal. In Greece they became quite popular with their song "You'll Be Mine", which always brings some sweet memories to our minds. At the moment, they are working on their fifth album "Creations" and the first single is already out. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the "Kings" with the music video directed by the Pircies themselves!
Enjoy and Like our Facebook page facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Lykke Li-No Rest For The Wicked

Guess who's back! Lykke Li! Our favorite Swedish singer and songwriter who met massive recognition with her hit "I Follow Rivers" back in 2011. Her vocal scale is like a soprano's and her lyrics are kinda twisted. Lykke Li has announced the release of her third album  "I Never Learn" on 5th May. Yesterday we also has the release of the second single "No Rest For The Wicked". You can listen and watch the beautiful video on Lyrics On My Wall and of course you can read the lyrics, too. Remember to share the good music and Like our Facebook page:


Vance Joy-From Afar

This is a post I've been thinking for a long time. I find it very heartbreaking and for a reason I didn't want to share it. My latest discovery comes again from Melbourne. Vance Joy is a singer and songwtiter, who didn't know he was that talented until 2013. In 2013 he hit the first place in Triple J's charts with his single "Riptide". Today though, I am going to post the song "From Afar" which is so bitter and the music video is so devastating that can only melt you down. I am sorry for the mood but this is a golden discovery! My friends, enjoy Vance Joy! =)


Arcade Fire-Afterlife

It was about time to post something from the Arcade Fire, don't you think? The band from Montreal, just released the music video of "Afterlife", a song about love and loss. Arcade Fire is a collective band the members play many different instruments and they change on the stage. Their music genre is indie-rock and this year had their comeback after scoring for the movie "HER". The music video of "Afterlife" has two versions on YouTube, one with lyrics and an act of Euridice and the other one by the Creators Project and a heartbreaking story. You can watch them both here! Enjoy :)


Snakadaktal-Hung On Tight

Snakadaktal is the proof that Australia has maybe the best bands in the whole world. They have been together since they were 15. Their goal was to create timeless music. I am sure they have made it and "Hung On Tight" can only prove that, but on 16th March 2014 they announced that their journey as a band has come to an end. They split and they move forward. Their exit saddens me, because I have been looking always forward to more music by them. Incredible dream-pop melodies are going to accompany me for the rest of my life. I am sorry I have to present a band that you are going to love and you will have nothing more to expect. Enjoy Snakadaktal and like our page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Aloe Blacc-Love Is The Answer

I guess there is noone on this planet who hasn't heard or maybe danced to "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. The singer with the smooth voice and the writer of the hit though, are not even featured in the title. Today we present you Aloe Blacc, the singer and writer of "Wake Me Up" and other songs of course. We met him with his success "I Need A Dollar" and now he is on LOMW with his brand new hit "Love Is The Answer" with a music video which shows what happens when you has a heart full of love and a heart full of hatred. How can life treat us? Aloe Blacc was born in 1979 and he is a lover of soul music. You will find many similarities with John Legend but his voice will stay in your mind for long. Enjoy =)


Jungle-Busy Earnin'

In the last years the music industry has become more and more mysterious. Artists are hiding their identities jut like Daft Punk with their helmets. Sooner or later we find out who they really are by photos the fans are taking in concerts. Today's post is about a duo from UK mysterious and secret as it is. J and T are making together the  "Jungle". They only begun in 2013, but they are friends since they were 9. Funky-Groovy rythms that can only make you bounce and start dancing. Their brand new single "Busy Earnin'" is basically about how we waste our lives living only for earnings. Such a "boring life" as they claim. The music video is like old-school clips with bboys and bgirls just dancing around. Have a look here and enjoy yoursleves! facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


SoKo-We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

Since the video "First Kiss" became viral, we could only introduce you to the song played on the background. "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" by SoKo. The music video could be for some people extreme but for SoKo is something usual. She is openly bisexual and that explains everything from her lifestyle to her music videos. SoKo is a singer and actress from France. Born in Bordeaux in 1985. She became quite famous after her song "I'll Kill Her" became a massive hit in Denmark. She has toured with M.I.A in her KALA tour. Many songs after that met great recognition. Today's post says in a few words that we have to love with all our heart today cause the time flies and we may haven't done what we want by tomorrow.


Jack Peñate-Pull My Heart Away

This week is going to be one of the coldest in Greece. But there is always music to make you feel like you are in the warmest place on earth, cause they can warm your heart. Today on LOMW, we are glad to have Mr. Jack Peñate. A british singer and song-writer, who isn't in the media at the moment because as he claims in his twitter-bio "He is writing his new album". "Pull My Heart Away" is talking about the first steps you walk after your break-up. Happy and rock music with melancholic lyrics. This combinataion can always warm your heart undoubtly. Enjoy =)


Asta-My Heart Is On Fire

She looks like she is from a cover of Vogue, but we are talking about Asta, the Tasmanian girl, who earned the absolute recognition when Triple J had her as the winner of Triple J’s 2012 Unearthed High competition. Her style is influenced by Sarah Blansko and Kimbra and her genre is more like ambient-indie-pop. Asta isn't very active right now but her first hit "My Heart Is On Fire" will make you remember your first love for sure. Finding the lyrics was the hardest thing to do on a Monday morning, but here you are... excuse any mistakes!
Enjoy =)


Priscilla Ahn-Home

This beautiful young lady is Priscilla Ahn. She is a girl who likes to sing and make music and do other things too. Those are the words she uses to describe herself on Facebook. As members of the band she has many friends and her music genre is Indie-Folk. If you combine all those things you get Priscilla Ahn and her wonderful aura! Her songs has been in every tv-show like Grey's Anatomy. Today we post her sweet song "Home". For everyone home is a different place, person, town. What is Home for you?
Enjoy :)


Jack Johnson-I Got You

He is musician, songwriter, surfer, filmmaker, father and known for his work in soft rock and acoustic genres. Jack Johnson is 38 and he is coming from Hawaii. When you listen to his music and watch him perfom barefoot you understand that Hawaiian people are happy and don't give a damn about whatever could bother them. Johnson is going to perform live on 19th July in Somersault Festival in Devon, UK. Make sure you book a ticket cause you will have the chance to watch also Ben Howard live on 20th. Incredible people with incredible voices. Here you can watch "I Got You" a sweet song with a travel-like music video.
Enjoy :)


Paolo Nutini-Iron Sky

I woke up today in a rebel mood! I wanted to hear something true. And I said to myself, wtf? Listen to the brand new song by Paolo Nutini "Iron Sky". It speaks the truth I hide inside me. Paolo Nutini is a Scottish artist with Italian roots. He is the definition of good timing and good luck. Nutini started to play music by acident. His first manager watched him perform also by accident because the actual performer wasn't on time. His carreer is still shinning. Only 27 years old and yet with great songwriting skills. His new album "Caustic Love" comes out in April and "Iron Sky" is one of the tracklist. With a big quote from Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator, you can only feel familiar with the lyrics, the meanings and the symbolisms. Are we free? Do we have the power? Can we dream? Enjoy this beautiful performance live from The Abbey Road Studio.



I think this band doesn't need an introduction but for those who don't know them, meet the Coldplay! They were formed back in 1996 by the lead vocalist Chris Martin. They got their stage name after the four members got together! Several successful albums, awesome reviews, incredible voices, music style and inspiration. Their last album was Mylo Xyloto and their fans went babanas after the release. Coldplay just announced the release of their brand new album in May 2014 under the title "Ghost Stories".  Their first single is going to be "Magic" and we have it today on LOMW. Feel free to share it and Like our official Facebook page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall. Enjoy!!!


The 1975-Settle Down

We welcome our new members in our Facebook page with this post. The 1975  is a band based in Manchester. Their style is generational garage rock, B&W Art. We have met this genre again with The Neighborhood. You will see how all their music videos are in Black and White and the outcome is always amazing. The 1975 has been discarded many times before from the major labels, judging their identity in music. They have released already their self-titled debut album and met enormus recognition from the listeners of alternative music. Today we decide to post their "Settle Down". As the lead singer Matthew Healy states "With ‘Settle Down’ I wanted to make a story about the extension of that dream, a video that explores love, a video that was as fantastical, consuming and limitless as the love we all chase and desire. Love as I have always imagined." So here it is, with all its glory "Settle Down" by The 1975.