Well, I have the right to post about Passenger 3 times and even more. As long as he keeps on writing such good songs. He just released the first single of the upcoming album "Whispers", which comes out in June. In this new track, Passenger speaks his heart out. You are going to feel like he speaks your heart too, listening to the lines "I've got open eyes, And an open door,But i don't know what i'm searching for.I should know by now."
Enjoy this beautiful song and preorder the new album "Whispers" by Passenger. I am looking forward to his new inspirations... he seems full of it after all! :)


I've got open eyes,
And an open door,
But i don't know what i'm searching for.
I should know by now.

See i've a big old heart,
This i know for sure,
But i don't know what my love is for.
I should know by now.

Well, I'll wait in line,
So i can wait some more,
'Till i can't remember what i came here for,
But i can't leave now,
Cause i've a light that shines,
And a love so pure,
But i don't know what to use them for.
I should know by now.

Well i spent my money,
I lost my friends,
I broke my mobile phone,
3am and i'm drunk as hell,
And i'm dancing on my own,
Taxi-cabs aint stopping, and i dont know my way home,
Well it's hard to find a reason, when all you have is doubts,
Hard to see inside yourself when can't see your way out,
Hard to find the answers when the question won't come out,

Everyone's filling me up with noise, i don't know what they're talking about (x3),
See all i need is a whisper in a world that only shouts.

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