The 1975-Settle Down

We welcome our new members in our Facebook page with this post. The 1975  is a band based in Manchester. Their style is generational garage rock, B&W Art. We have met this genre again with The Neighborhood. You will see how all their music videos are in Black and White and the outcome is always amazing. The 1975 has been discarded many times before from the major labels, judging their identity in music. They have released already their self-titled debut album and met enormus recognition from the listeners of alternative music. Today we decide to post their "Settle Down". As the lead singer Matthew Healy states "With ‘Settle Down’ I wanted to make a story about the extension of that dream, a video that explores love, a video that was as fantastical, consuming and limitless as the love we all chase and desire. Love as I have always imagined." So here it is, with all its glory "Settle Down" by The 1975.

The 1975-Settle Down

A soft sound to the way she wears her hair down
Covering up her face
Oh what a let down, I don't seem to be having any effect now
Falling all over the place

You're losing your words
We're speaking in bodies
Avoiding me and talking about you
You're losing your turn
I guess I'll never learn
Cause I stay another hour or two

For crying out loud, settle down!
You know I can't be found with you
We get back to my house
Your hands, my mouth
Now I just stop myself around you

A small town dictating all the people we get around
What a familiar face
Do you get what I mean now?
I'm so fixated on the girl with the soft sound
And hair all over the place

You're sure that I'd learn
I'm pushing through bodies
Avoiding me and walking around you
You're cold and I burn
I guess I'll never learn
Cause I stay another hour or two

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