Dan Croll - From Nowhere

I haven't posted a song for such long time! I know you missed some good music, but guess what? We are back with a cool uplifting jam by the British young man Dan Croll. He moved to Liverpool to follow his studies at LIPA and he now has released his album "Sweet Disarray". His song "From Nowhere" took its name from where it came... from nowhere! He bought a new instrument and the first melody he played was the one from this song. So he starts recording it and he names the file "From Nowhere". It is very uplifting and it leaves you staring... Watch it here and like our facebook page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Sacrilege

No more holidays! From now on, we are going back to posting our favorite bands and our every-day music discoveries. Today the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from New York are with us to prove that indie-rock has still many things to show. With a powerful chorus repeating "Sacrilege, sacrilege, sacrilege you say" and talking about the forbidden love and lust, they have managed to have sold out tours and their fourth album "Mosquito" on top of NME. Their first single "Sacrilege" has an even more powerful music video to accompany it. Check it out here with the wonderful song and lyrics.


Sylvan Esso-Coffee

I woke up and all I could think about was coffee. So I search it and here we are. The premiere of Sylvan Esso's "Coffee" was on 25th March. The duo used to be two different bands. Right now she (Amelia Meath) writes the lyrics and he (Nick Sanborn) creates the melodies. "Sylvan Esso acknowledges that the world is a tumult of complications by giving you a way to sing and dance with those troubles, if not to will them away altogether." This is how they describe their way of writing music on their facebook page. You can watch on Lyrics On My Wall their wonderful music video for "Coffee".


Young The Giant-Crystallized

You may know them as The Jakes, but this extremely good boy band is now called "Young The Giant". They were formed in California in 2004 and since then, they are working all together. They write indie-alternative rock music with a sense of electronic inside. Their brand new album "Mind Over Matter" has been released already and the first single "Crystallized" is out with a music video. You should check them out on Lyrics On My Wall, because they are really cool. (you have to check the "Apartment", too. Trust me.)


Matt Corby-Brother

Matthew John Corby is one of the greatest musicians in this worlds. He is mostly known as Matt Corby. He is from Australia and he is only 24 year old. His strong voice and his bluesy style can only break your heart. He joined the fifth season of Australian Idol, when he was 16 with great success. His debut EP "Into The Flames" was a surprise in Australia. The song "Brother" won an ARIA award for the Song Of The Year. Many theories are on about the lyrics... but I feel that, Matt is talking to himself when he sings those lyrics... check out the Stripped Back Version on Lyrics On My Wall and read the bitter lyrics.


Hozier-Take Me To Church

Andrew Hozier-Byrne was born in 1990 -just like me! ;) He is Irish and he used to play in other orchestras and bands until he decided to go solo! To be honest, this certainly is a good choice. His first single "Take Me To Church" was his breakthrough hit and it was top single in Irish iTunes. This song is extremely serious and thought-provoking. The music video is a punch in our faces. Talking about the anti-gay issues in Russia. You can check it out here on Lyrics On My Wall and please note his name. Hozier has come to stay.


Broods-Never Gonna Change

After the Ed Sheeran-post of exclusive lyrics, our site confirmed as a spam and insecure page, for "unknown" reasons of course. I guess it was because big sites couldn't handle the defeat. Anyway, we are back with a new duo from Auckland, New Zealand. The siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott have formed their pop band named "Broods". It is amazing how fast they became massive. Their frist song "Bridges" gave to them a place to HAIM's tour. And now they are back with a debut EP under the title Broods. The song we are going to post today is "Never Gonna Change" and I can say that this duo is going to stay in music for very long. Enjoy the good music people and try to share it with your loved ones.



They are coming from Melbourne again. Alpine is an indie-pop band only active since 2009. They have been nominated for best breakthrough act at ARIA 2012 and for best music video for "Hands". They have made it to Jimmy Kimmel Live and their debut album has met great success and their talent has been recognised by Pitchfork Media when they described the Alpine as an "unforgettably light and charismatic gem". They trully are very different and their music can only lift you up! Their song "Gasoline" is talking about how you begin something for one night and then you just get hooked up and you ask for more. Can you feel?  Enjoy they Australians here on Lyrics On My Wall


Ed Sheeran-SING

I am sorry to bother you so late at night, but what the hell, when good music comes out that time you just have to post it. Ed Sheeran has released the first single of the new album. The title of the song is "SING" and the title of the album is "X". You really have to listen to it because of the Justin Timberlake-like falsettos and the groovy music. We are proud to say that we are the first to post the lyrics of the whole song. 
Check it out lovers!


She is one of the weirdest musicians I have listened to. Compared to The Weeknd, BANKS is what we could describe as a soft-rock. Her voice is dark and raw and the lyrics are full of the emotions she cannot express otherwise. She is only active since 2013 and she comes from L.A. Her alternative RnB style put her as a support act in Weeknd's International tour, that made her very famous  and even Ellie Goulding has stated that he often listens to BANKS' music. Her brand new song "Brain" is what  we would expect from her as a bachelor owner in Psychology. Talking about how we calculate everything in our minds. You can watch the dark and psychedelic music video of "Brain" here, on Lyrics On My Wall.


Katie Herzig-Walk Through Walls

We stay up sometimes till late so we can bring to you amazing, fresh songs by artists we love for years. Katie Herzig is one of them. It is the second time we post something from her so we are not going to tell much about her Bio. "The title track and album’s thesis statement, “Walk Through Walls,” describes the turning point in which we realize that to get to the other side of our deepest fears, we look them directly in the eye." These are Herzig's words about the song. Enjoy it here. On premiere's day originally at TIME.COM.

High Hazels - Summer Rain

We welcome Friday with this band from Sheffield. Meet the High Hazels. A group of four excellent musicians. You could definetely love them if you are a fan of The Smiths already. I knew them for so long but I couldn't find many details to post so I left them until now. They seem to earn their position in the indie-rock music scene. They signed to Heist and Hit Records and they are going to release their first E.P. with four tracks, under the title "In the Half Light". We are going to show you today their bitter-sweet song "Summer Rain". Trust me it's the right song to listen even if it's not summer and it's not raining. Enjoy here on Lyrics On My Wall and like our Facebook Page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Lily Kershaw - As It Seems

Lily Kershaw is a 22 years old singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. She became too famous after her song "As It Seems" was featured in Criminal Minds. Her music is about death, she claims. "I’d love to say most of my music isn't about death or heartbreak but, well, it is." That's not necessary wrong or bad. Some people seem to connect with that deep music. "As It Seems" might sound sweet but the lyrics can put you in front of the unspoken truth like "Well in this life, you must find something to live for 'Cause when the darkness comes calling
You go back to where you were before". After the recognition she signed to Nettwerk Records Label and her debut album "Midnight in The Garden" has  released. Enjoy the beautiful music video and like our facebook page: facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Marble Sounds-No One Ever Gave Us The Right

Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. Why not starting this day with a dreamy band from Brussels? We are talking about the Marble Sounds. A band that started with the musician Peter van Dessel and then they became more. They are known for their dreamy and melancholic type of music, but I would like to mention also the great ideas for their music videos and the wonderful lyrics. Very serious messages about our lives are hidden like a shiny treasure in their songs. You are about to watch the music video of "No One Ever Gave Us The Right". The director, Leen Vennekens, used Eugene's animated character giving a special emotion. There are people with imaginary friends, because real people just don't care about them. Enjoy :) facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Josh Record-For Your Love

We are in that place again... Where we think about love and what we could do about it. Josh Record, is a young man who writes some great tunes and lyrics. His music has been recently in Grey's Anatomy and people started to dig about him. He comes from UK. And he is going to release his debut album "Pillars" in June 2014 and I have to admit that I am really looking forward. This guy has just the right words or the melodies to speak what's on my mind sometimes. Today you can watch the music video of his new single "For Your Love" on Lyrics On My Wall and remember to search more about him. facebook.com/lyricsonmywall