Wild Cub-Thunder Clatter

In 2012, a new indie band formed in Nashville. Those 5 guys you see in the picture are the "Wild Cub". The lead singer was in Brooklyn but he moved to Nashville in order to focus in music 100%. There, he put together the Wild Cub. Their music is a form of celebration of love and flirt. Thunder Clatter is just that! Their debut album "Youth" has received many positive reviews from magazines such as the Clash. All of the press think that this band is going to stay for a long time, once they get pretty popular! You can watch their music video and read the lyrics here.


Hjaltalín-I Feel You

I have no idea how their band name is pronounced, I have no idea what it means, but what matters in music is the feelings and the emotions that can create to each person that listens to the music. "Hjaltalín" is an indie band from Iceland. They formed back in 2004 and their last album "Enter 4" met an incredible success followed by more than positive reviews. I've just found them and I am already hooked. They know how to create emotions out of sound. You have the chance to listen one of their best songs "I Feel You" accompanied by an artistic music video. Enjoy my new discovery and keep on mind that music meets no frontiers.


Alex Clare-War Rages On

The last 2 weeks, we had in Greece 3 elections: local, ragional and for the EU. We managed to have a turning outcome and this is going to fire up some metaphorical guns from our partners in Europe. This is where Alex Clare fits. His brand new song just came out and guess what... its title is "War Rages On". Great match and excellent timing. Alex Clare is a British singer, born in 1985. Blues and Jazz is what made him love music but right now he is more into Drum n Bass and Dubstep mixed with acousting tunes and meaningful lyrics. His first hit was "Too Close", which most of you know it from the Internet Explorer 9 commercial. Billboard charts loved him and the people gave him the #7. He was also nominated for a Brit Award in best singer category. Alex Clare is a promising artist and you will love him even more when you start exploring his stuff. Watch the new music video and read the lyrics here.


Kodaline-Perfect World

"Music should have a purpose. Our purpose is honesty" that's what they claim. Today on LOMW we have the Kodaline from Dublin. Those Irish young boys, know how to make good and fresh indie rock tunes. Their name is something that they made up and they wanted to be the ones to put a meaning into that name. Perfect World is an extremely cute and dreamy song and has the skills to ease you right away. Watch it here and read the lyrics too.


The National-I Need My Girl

It was about time to write about The National. A rock-band formed by 5 members and currently based in Brooklyn. They met each other back in 1999 and created this mysteriously good band. Their dark kind of music and the lyrics can only make you listen to what they're saying. The artistic music video for "I Need My Girl" shows us that good music can be even better when accompanied by an excellent clip. The meaning of the song seems to divide the fans... Is it about drug addiction? Is it about being alone and far away from your home? Or maybe it is about depression? This is the magic element of music. You can decide for yourself and have a unique emotion. You can read the lyrics of the song here and watch the incredible music video! facebook.com/lyricsonmywall


Συνέντευξη: Thom Morecroft

Είναι πάντα χαρά μας να έχουμε ταλαντούχους μουσικούς στο #LOMW. 'Αλλο ένα λαμπρό παράδειγμα είναι ο Thom Morecroft από το Liverpool. Έχετε την ευκαιρία να διαβάσετε ό,τι μας είπε. Τόσο νέος κι όμως τόσο ταλαντούχος! Να θυμάστε: ο Morecroft θα φτάσει ψηλά μια μέρα! 

LOMW:  Καλώς ήρθες στο LOMW, Thom. Η γρήγορη ανταπόκρισή σου ήταν πραγματική έκπληξη για μας! Σε ευχαριστούμε πολύ γι'αυτό. Όπως σου είπα, έμαθα για σένα από έναν άλλο καλλιτέχνη από το Liverpool, τον Mick Flaherty. Μου είπε "Δες τον, είναι ιδιοφυία". Γεννήθηκες μόλις το 1990 -όπως κι εγώ- πιστεύεις ότι η ηληκία παίζει μεγάλο ρόλο όταν πρόκειται για την μουσική;


Interview: Thom Morecroft

It is always our pleasure to have talented musicians on #LOMW. Another bright example is Thom Morecroft from Liverpool. You have the chance to read what he said to us. So young but so talented! Remember: Morecroft is going to be big one day!

LOMW:  Welcome at LOMW, Thom. Your fast response was a real surprise for us! Thank you very much for that. As I told you, I’ve learned about you from another musician from Liverpool, Mick Flaherty. He told me, “Check him out, he is a genius”.  You were only born in 1990 –just like me - do you think that age is a big deal when we are talking about music?