Angus and Julia Stone - Death Defying Acts

This is the one and only duo I really wanted to see them perform together again. Angus and Julia Stone are back with a marvelous song. Afte the single "Heart Beats Slow" they've just released the next best thing "Death Defying Acts". The dark and deep sound and the mystical Julia is bacl. You can clearly listen to Angus striking this electric guitar with a solo that works as a rocket in the song. The video isn't out yet but you can preorder the album titled under their names. Even if they said they wouldn't perform as a duo again, Julia claimed on MusicFeeds that she went after a long time and watched Angus performing then she jumped up on stage to have a few oldies sang. The rest are already known. Rubin got them under production and judging by these two singles the album will be mindblowing again. We are having the lyrics of Death Defying Acts exclusively here. Forgive a few mistakes. English is not our mother tongue and we did our best.


White Denim-Pretty Green

 Those attractive men form together  the "White Denim", a psychedelic-rock band from Texas. The White Denim are mostly known for their experimental rock vibes and the home-based recordings. All of their songs have a strange and weird structure but they are a good trick for your mind. If you are into acts like The Black Keys then this is a band you should listen. "Pretty Green" is a track from their sixth album "Corsicana Lemonade", which was released in 2013. The music video is one of the weirdest videos I have watched and the song itself is about moving forward. I don't have musch to say about them other than you should listen to this music. It leads you to new sounds. Enjoy on Lyrics On My Wall :) 


Stu Larsen - Thirteen Sad Farewells

Stu Larsen is a probably a guy you have seen in many music videos of Passenger. He is a good friend of him and a very talented and promising artist. Larsen comes from Queensland, Australia, though he has no fixed address. He chose to wander and explore so he spends his time travelling. "Vagabond" is his debut album and you can see how the title represents himself. The first single is out already and the music video is the proof of years wandering. It was shot in different places by Jarrad Seng-another good friend of Larsen and Passenger. You will catch them travelling all together often. "Thirteen Sad Farewells" is a song about goodbyes. Can you handle them good enough? I can't. Check it out on Lyrics On My Wall and rembember to preorder his album Vagabond from here.



This is my discovery for a happy Friday. Panama is a 5 piece band from Australia. Their music carreer is too young but their future seems great. Jarrah McCleary was playing the piano since 6 years old. When he grew up he formed the successful rock band "Dirty Secrets" but when they got split he moved to Sydney and started writing new music sad songs but uplifting melodies. This is exactly how "Magic" sounds like, a song about how McCleary felt when his band broke up. The band came up with "Panama" as a band name after watching the movie "Drive". The band meets great success and the reviews on their last work are stunning. You can have an idea of how they started here.


James Vincent McMorrow-Gold

The statistics show that you really love the new album by James Vincent McMorrow because two of the songs of the tracklist are already in the top 5 of the posts on Lyrics On My Wall. Today, we have the chance to post the BRAND NEW music video for "Gold" which is premiered at noisey.com. McMorrow has a poetic way to write lyrics and he is not afraid to experiment between the music genres, without giving a damn about being labeled. What is excellent about this particular song is the melody and the dramatic sense in it. You could easily imagine it as a soundtrack to the most dramatic scenes of a heartbreaking movie. Some people just love that! Watch the great music video directed by Emma J Doyle featuring one talented roller skater old enough to disprove the last line of the track: "Time wasn't the only coward".


Foster The People-Best Friend

Yesterday was National Best Friend Day, so we thought it would be nice to dedicate this post to this sweet thing called Friendship. We chose "Best Friend" by Foster The People. For those who don't know them, Foster the People is an indie-pop band from the USA. They were only formed in 2009 and after struggling in the music industry, they produced the massive hit "Pumped Up Kicks", which led them to the top of every music chart. Their second album "Supermodel" is out now and Best Friend has released with a rather weird music video. Dedicated to all the weird but strong friendships out there. Check it out on Lyrics On My Wall.


Natalie McCool-Wind Blows Harder

Our old love Natalie McCool from Liverpool is back with a new powerful song. "Wind Blows Harder" is a fresh song with a power of the oxygen in it. McCool has written the song and when you hear it you instantly get hooked and you start moving to the beat. As the song has that power over you, that's how it describes the power that a person can have over someone else. The refreshing vocals and the repeated line "the wind blows harder,the clouds come rollin'" can either send you on the beach under the sun or in the woods running. If McCool needed to prove why she won the award for Best Female Artist in Liverpool in 2013, then this new work is definetely the best way to do it. Her new single will be launched on 11th June. You can preorder it from here. You can also read what Natalie said to LOMW last year! She was the first to give a long-distance interview to our music site! Enjoy it here: http://www.lyricsonmywall.com/2013/05/interview-natalie-mccool.html


Delay Trees-About Brothers

In 2007 a group of young boys started to play slow songs in different places each time. This was the beginning of a new dream-pop band from Helsinki, Finland. The "Delay Trees" is that band. It is not the first -or the last- time, we post about a band from Finland. We had the chance to talk with the New Tigers in the past, too. Even though, we like to post new songs, today we are about to post their first hit "About Brothers". The music video is very sweet and interesting. I am sure you are going to feel your heart warm again! A love story that has its roots in our childhood can only haunt us forever.


Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

You can only feel love from the first time you listen to the Timber Timbre from Canada. The band began as a solo but now seems more complete with the addition of two members. It's the only band I know that has rehearsed 3 times in their whole story. The outcome though says that the chemistry is something given for them. Their last album Hot Dreams has just released by Arts&Crafts and their blues-folk music style is able to blow your mind. With the nostalgia from the 50s, you will catch yourself thinking about a good Noir Film. YouTube has age-restriction to the music video of Hot Dreams, though there is nothing extreme in it. The lyrics are talking about someone who really needs to love and to be loved by a partner... To me, the pole-dancer in this music video with her face expressions and the body moves "cries" for some love. True love. I am waiting for your opinion on facebook.com/lyricsonmywall