Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams

You can only feel love from the first time you listen to the Timber Timbre from Canada. The band began as a solo but now seems more complete with the addition of two members. It's the only band I know that has rehearsed 3 times in their whole story. The outcome though says that the chemistry is something given for them. Their last album Hot Dreams has just released by Arts&Crafts and their blues-folk music style is able to blow your mind. With the nostalgia from the 50s, you will catch yourself thinking about a good Noir Film. YouTube has age-restriction to the music video of Hot Dreams, though there is nothing extreme in it. The lyrics are talking about someone who really needs to love and to be loved by a partner... To me, the pole-dancer in this music video with her face expressions and the body moves "cries" for some love. True love. I am waiting for your opinion on facebook.com/lyricsonmywall

I wanna dance, I wanna dance
I wanna dance with a black woman
I wanna still, I wanna still
I wanna still my mind
And I want a chance, I want a chance
I want another chance
To distill
To distill their time

And I wanna write, I wanna write, I wanna write
To someone so true
I wanna wake, I wanna wake, I wanna wake
From hot dreams, hot dreams of you
Oh hot dreams
(Hot dreams)
(Hot dreams)

I wanna rise, I wanna rise
I wanna rise up beside you
I want to be, I want to be
I want to be a champion in your eyes
And I will follow through, follow through
On all my promises and threats to you, babe
Hot streams, hot streams
Will fork and divide, fork and divide

I wanna take, I wanna take, I wanna take
Take all of your air
I wanna find, I wanna find, I wanna find
Another daydream, another nightmare
I wanna lie, I wanna lie, I wanna lie
Lie me down in your stream
I wanna wake, I wanna wake, I wanna wake
From hot dreams
I wanna wake from hot dreams of you, babe (Hot dreams)
I wanna wake from hot dreams of you, babe (Hot dreams)


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    1. Thank you for this comment. It means a lot to me, to hear from you, because I love what I do but sometimes I lose my motivation and I give up for a while. But after I read comments like yours I come back with more inspiration. Let me know if you like anything else in here. I am into Interviews lately. Please check the Long Distance Q&As.

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