Patrick James-Message

Patrick James is a young talented singer and songwriter from Sydney! You will love his acoustic stuff and the uplifting kind of music he writes. His latest music video was created by an old friend of us, Mr. Jarrad Seng, the video producer of many Passenger's music videos. You will see a few beautiful faces and the vintage suitcases will give you the feeling of an old movie. The lyrics hide that sweet but unsecured sense that someone has when he makes a new start. You can enjoy the beautiful music video here.

Patrick James-Message

I don't wish for something more
But I hope to find those open doors
As I turn the key as I felt the rain
If I know it's all for the best of pain

I'll be, on my way
Running through the water
There is something for me out in the cold
Now I got myself into a tangle
But I'm just looking from a bad bad angle

When I'm scared well I seem to fret
It's a natural reaction from the top of my head
Broken lines and the wearing future
But I'll take the message and sing it back to you
I'll take the message and sing it back to you.

All I know is all I'm waiting for
All I know is all I'm searching for

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous20.8.14

    Beautiful song! And Patrick is a very nice guy to talk to :)
    Somehow I always hear 'I'll TAPE the message and sing it back to you'... And it makes sense I think - like songwriters who tape their demos :)