Playing For Change-Guantanamera

Playing For Change is a movement for finding the soul of music in the streets. It started back in 2002 witht the production of the documentary "A cinematic discovery of street Musicians". The main idea is various artists playing their instruments live from different places around the world. Most of the times they are playing covers from famous songs and some of those times you can see popular artists such as Bono and Sara Bereilles performing with them! Playing for Change is the definition of indie-culture. You can watch their latest performance of Guantanamera by 75 Cubans of diaspora. Here on Lyrics On My Wall. Remember to support the street artists, some of the best diamonds are hiding there!

Playing For Change-Guantanamera

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Mi verso es de un verde claro
Y de un carmín encendido
Mi verso es un ciervo herido
Que busca en el monte amparo
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Cultivo una rosa blanca
En julio como en enero
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Con los pobres de la tierra
Quiero yo mi suerte echar
El arroyo de la sierra
Me complace más que el mar
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

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