We had to fly to Manchester, in order to watch Angus and Julia Stone performing live on the stage of The Albert Hall. This was a dream that I dreamt four years ago and finally it got real. Mick Flaherty and me were wandering around the Christmas Market of Manchester until the doors of Albert Hall were opened for the show. It used to be a Wesleyan chapel in Manchester City Centre closed and hidden for over 40 years.
Resurrected by Trof, the people behind Gorilla and The Deaf Institute, as an unrivalled events venue, restaurant and bar. The grand and ornate chapel has been restored into a stunning purpose built music hall and is set to become one of the most atmospheric music and events venues in the UK. We ran to the first raw of the standing area. We had to wait for the support act to begin.

The Staves are an English acoustic folk rock trio of sisters from Watford, Hertfordshire, England.
Their set was acoustic and based on their harmonies. They played for 40 minutes, and they won us all with their humour and sarcasm. I had no clue about The Staves, and to be honest that acoustic set wasn't exciting...I came back to Greece, though and I had to search a little bit about them. What I found, made me change my mind. You will have the chance to know more about The Staves in the following posts.

After The Staves, we had to wait for the soundcheck of Angus and Julia Stone set. People were on and off stage all the time, making sure that we are going to experience the best sound quality. Unfortunately that waiting took very very long. The people, who were standing like us, had bad time for an hour. Fortunately the music that was playing on the background had cuban sense (which I love). Then, out of the blue the lights went off and the siblings with their band got on stage! The opening track, couldn't be other than  the opening track of their album "A Heartbreak".

It was an amazing start and it put us in the atmosphere of the whole set right away. Julia wore a mini dress, kinda cute and Angus shy and high as always with his hat on. Their set was full of their new and old songs, so it was easy to see the evolution of their music, musically and lyrically. Their new material is more mature and raw, like reality. As always, we had the chance to see Julia playing her trumpet in "Private Lawns" and of course the cover they did live was "You're The One", where they let the audience participate in the chorus! :)

Right there, out of nowhere, we heard a guy shouting "play the one that I like" Julia asked "What's that?" and the guy said "Bloodbuzz Ohio". After a few songs, they played "Bloodbuzz Ohio" and then everyone from the crowd asked for more! I have to admit, though, that the guy who asked "Bloodbuzz Ohio" sort of dissapointed me for two reasons: 1) Bloodbuzz Ohio is not one of Angus' and Julia's Stone originals but The National and 2) It was only played as a cover, but in Julia's solo album.

Anywaysss, the set was about to end and the closure was made with "Heart Beats Slow". Even though, they all got off stage, they left us scream for more. After a minute they came back for a couple of songs... They chose to play, two of my favourites, their old time classics "And The Boys"
 and "Santa Monica Dream". This is exactly how we met them! Easy melodies but deep meanings!

Bottom line: If you haven't listened to The Staves before, I hope their acoustic set is not the first thing you see...you need to search more. If you like indie-rock-folk music, Angus and Julia Stone is the set you are looking for. Please, go!

Special thanks to Mick Flaherty for taking all the photos and for being there all the time!

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