Interview: Fourth And Folsom

It’s extremely surprising when you ask a band for a Q&A and the answer comes back right away. This is what happened today with Jamie from Fourth and Folsom

LOMW: Welcome on Lyrics On My Wall! Thank you for the fast response about this interview. Could please tell us who you are and from where exactly are you answering this Q&A?

F&F: Hi, I’m Jamie from Fourth and Folsom, I’m one of two multi-instumentalists in the band, and currently answering this from our studio outside of London at the moment.


Small Black-Breathless

Small Black is an indie band from Brooklyn, New York. Their sound is commonly described as belonging to the chillwave genre, though the band's members don't label themselves as such. They have released an album under Jagjaguwar. "Breathless" ups the tempo, over synth stabs, with lyrics that tackle apathy and uncertainty with catchy grace: "I'm standing in tomorrow's way/ future's fine/least it seems okay." It paints a concise portrait of a generation struggling with unlimited freedom and malaise.
The band builds on a rich history of synth pop by making a thoroughly modern album, on both the front and back end. One that seeks out cohesion, connection and calm in a world that won't sit still. Limits of Desire doesn't attempt to provide any solutions, but coming to terms with not finding the answers feels infinitely more fruitful. Check out "Breathless" here on Lyrics On My Wall


James Bay-Hold Back The River

The year of 1990 brought in life a generation full of talents. Whoever believes that we are only made for living in our couch hasn't listened to Tom Odell, Hozier, Matt Corby and James Bay. James  grew up in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and after listening to Eric's Clapton "Layla", he took his guitar, clicked on YouTube and started to practice. Then he attented  Brighton Institute of Modern Music and the outcome is brilliant. Wonderful falsettos and earth edgy vocals like the ones of Mumford and Sons. James Bay has been named Critics Choice 2015 by the Brit Awards panel, who have previously earmarked Adele, Jessie J and Sam Smith early in their careers. He  Hold Back the River is a song that deals with break ups and tears. Check it out here on Lyrics On My Wall.


Tom Misch & Carmody-So Close

It happens sometimes to find some artists that are AMAZING but it is impossible to find more details about them. Here are Tom Misch and Carmody with their track "So Close". I can only say that they create together dreamy electro stuff. They release together their EP "Out To Sea" and you can preorder it here: smarturl.it/OutToSea. Tom Misch is a very promising producer and if you listen to all the songs you will be sure about it!

Check out their track So Close here on Lyrics On My Wall.