After I visited Liverpool, I am searching more and more about the music that is born there. Many artists and many bands, that are so talented are formed every day! I feel like the music tank of this area will never get empty! The band that is featured today on LOMW was formed in Liverpool and they asked all our questions here!
Lay back, grab a coffee and read the interview while you listen to their new song: Keep Me Alive! 


Years & Years-King

They are the past and future in indie-electronic, as I like to say it. Years & Years formed back in 2010. From Australia to UK and from web to the shower, they found each other and since then, they create some of the best tunes in electronic genre, in my opinion anyway! They were named Big in 2015 from many sites and you will find the reasons once you listen to them. Years & Years were also nominated for the Critics Choice Award for the Brit Awards 2015. Their new EP Y & Y released in February 2015 and today we post here the song "King".  The very interesting music video with choreography that shows a very crazy or maybe schizophrenic King, who is under someone else's control! ;)
Check it out, here, on Lyrics On My Wall.


Florence + The Machine - What Kind Of Man

We haven't listened something new from Florence and The Machine since their last album "Ceremonials". This album was all about death and water but this new album is all about learning how to live and how to love. In June, we expect their third album "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful". The lead single came out with a surprising music video for the track "What Kind Of Man". In this music video, which was directed by Vincent Haycock, you will see Florence dancing, screaming, acting crazy, dreaming and fighting her own demons. Even seeing her naked adds quality in this atmospheric music video. The sound is epic and at moments you will feel intense electricity! Check it out on Lyrics On My Wall.