RHODES-Turning Back Around

David Rhodes is this mystical young man from Baldock in Hertfordshire. If you have been to any concerts of Ben Howard, Sam Smith, London Grammar or Amber Run, then you probably know him already. He goes by his surname "Rhodes" and he is writing his own music. If you ask him what is the music he writes, he is going to tell you "Dark but uplifting Cinematic Pop", which at first it's going to let you with your jaw dropping but when you start digging in his music, it will make perfect sense. You can file him next to Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow because of his wonderful and effortless falsettos. His new song "Turning Back Around" will send you on a trip especially if you watch the music video. They were totally had fun shooting this. Enjoy!


Silences-The Sea (update)

Once you listen to this track, you will be for a while in another place. Somewhere where all the things seem possible, love and other stuff. Silences is the music project of Conchúr White. Since being joined by his cousin Breandán White, and close friends Christopher Harbinson, Michael Keyes and Jonathan Downing. Currlently located at Armagh. They were formed only in 2013. Their sound is kinda fresh and nostalgic. They can easily remind you of Coldplay's old times and Sigur Ros melodies. As the band claims: "The Sea pays homage to desire over fear. It is an amalgamation of everything we have learnt and signifies an advancement in both writing and production". The official launch of their new single "The Sea" will be out on 5th May, and they we will be able to add the music video to this post. Since then, you can only listen to it and watch another music video of them "Sister Snow". Enjoy!