They met with each other at an open mic night. Harry Draper, an experienced local musician and Jach Sedman, who he had just discovered his voice skills! Hailing from the small town of Bridlington, North East of England, the duo chose the name Seafret for their music. As well as being a pun on the guitar fret board, it’s also a local term; it applies to the rolling mists that come in off the North Sea during summer. They clicked instantly. That’s how they learned to write: through playing and the chemistry between them. Honest and captivating , Seafret’s material has a beautifully contagious feel. Writing about life as it evolves around them, the two have a rare observational eye.
The video of "Atlantis" is directed by Brendan Canty, who was also behind Hozier's massive hit 'Take Me To Church'. The video features beautiful shots of Ireland, as it follows the story of two children who find their own lost city of Atlantis. The band said of the song's themes: "Growing up by the sea, we've always been fascinated by the lost city of Atlantis. We thought it would be different to use it as a metaphor to evolve the song into something more than just a standard heartbreak track."


Tame Impala-'Cause I'm A Man

It's not even called a band. Tame Impala is the recording project of Kevin Parker based in Perth, Australia. Kevin has been experimenting in music and the outcome of this experimentation is always the most highly anticipated. Parker's music is heavily influenced by late 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic rock, which is achieved through various production methods. Some favoured and often-used effects by Parker include phasing, delay, reverb and fuzz.Tame Impala’s third album is titled Currents, and on it Parker addresses a blindingly colourful panorama of transition in the most audacious, adventurous fashion he’s yet to capture on record. Lyrically the record finds Parker in a very different place in 2015 to where he was seven years ago. Transitions in life, relationships, perspectives, mindsets – Currents maps Parker’s evolution through these and finds him a brand new person. Listen and watch 'Cause I'm A Man on Lyrics On My Wall.


SOAK-Sea Creatures

Today Ireland votes for Marriage Equality. For some artists from Ireland this is a historical moment. Even for those, who have been out for years, they have faced discrimination in every form, makind their living a hard thing.
Bridie Monds-Watson aka SOAK has said that When she was 14 she wrote a song called ‘Sea Creatures’ about a friend who was quite ill physically, and was getting bullied on account of her sexuality. It is the best timing ever to have it posted on Lyrics On My Wall this day. SOAK herself is not girly, at first sight she seems more like a boy and the fragile voice can only reveal her true identity. Her debut album will be out in 7 days under the interesting title: Before We Forgot How To Dream. Enjoy the "Sea Creatures" on Lyrics On My Wall.


Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail-The Colour Blue

I am trying to write this post for so long. Just staring at the screen with the "Colour Blue" playing on the background. Trust me this is not happening so often. Ciaran Lavery and Ryan Vail are two kind young men from North Ireland. Even though music is a united thing, they came from other sides of music. Lavery is a gorgeous folk singer and Vail creates Dark Melodic Electronic music. They both lived by the sea and the outcome of their collaboration proves how inspiring the water can be. Their mini album "Sea Legs" was only released a month ago and it feels like it could stay in our ears forever. The gentle touch of the melodies, the vocals, the background electronic sounds and the lyrics are going to captivate your soul. Enjoy and read the official lyrics only on Lyrics On My Wall.


Villagers-Everything I Am Is Yours

Villagers are from Dublin. They are an indie folk band only formed back in 2008. The founder and lead singer is Conor O'Brien. He could easily remind you of Paolo Nutini and I am talking about the quality of his voice. Their third album was out just a month ago, April 2015 under the title "Darling Arithmetic" with a list of lovely tracks. The main theme of this album is Love. Love in all its forms, from the beginning to the end. O' Brien is noted for his dark lyrics. The new album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Conor at his own home, with him playing all instruments on the record, as you can watch in the music video of "Everything I Am Is Yours". Enjoy the Villagers!


Bear's Den-Agape

I woke up today with Agape on my mind. You know it is very unusual to hear a greek word as a title of a track. Then you find out that Bear's Den are singing it and then you watch the music video. I mean, you have to pay attention. Bear's Den is a band made by a trio back in 2012. They write and play mostly alternative folk music and they have released their debut album Islands in 2014. They have supported artists like Mumford and Sons, Daughter and Matt Corby. They might ring a bell if you have watched the wonderful music documentary "Austin To Boston" featuring Ben Howard, The Staves, Nathaniel Rateliff and Bear's Den. If you haven't then you should definitely watch it right away. The band's Kev Jones explains the song and video: "To me the song is partly about insecurity in a relationship, about never being able to shake that feeling, and how by default that feeling can lead to a relationship's demise. I thought slowly sinking into the sand only to be engulfed in waves summed that up well, the feeling of inevitability brought on by your own thoughts and the sensation of restriction that can manifest itself in those situations… The shoot itself was a little more brutal that we had imagined, nothing can quite prepare you for being buried fully clothed in wet sand at 8AM on a January morning." Enjoy!


José González - Open Book

You probably know him already from the posts about his band Junip, but we are extremely excited about this brand new album of Jose Gonzalez. This new album is, without question, the most highly anticipated of his career. One can find traces of inspired protest songs and eccentric folk rock on Vestiges & Claws: frustration and optimism. It’s a collection that is simultaneously confident, free and uncertain.He has focused more on the role of being a producer this time. He has spent more time thinking of what’s best for the song and the recording. This explains completely why this album must be in your music library. A few weeks ago, José González starred in Calexico's "Falling From The Sky" video as the caretaker to a big, creepy worm. That video was the first of a two-part story from director Mikel Cee Karlsson. Today brings González's video for "Open Book", from this year'sVestiges & Claws, which continues the narrative. Below, watch González continue to care for the worm until the situation becomes untenable.


Of Monsters And Men-Crystals

We've been waiting and waiting for new stuff by this band. Of Monsters And Men only came to life as a band in 2010, but they had the ability to haunt us down with their magical vocals. We can only expect something better than their debut album. The first track "Crystals" is very promising for the upcoming album "Beneath the Skin", which is going to be released on 9th June. The album and single artwork was created by artist Leif Podhajsky. The music video for Crystals is completely weird as it was supposed to be. The song itself, I think it is about the joy you can feel, the feeling of goosebumps. When you forgive. When you forget. When you are pass by fear. When you dream. 
Enjoy on Lyrics On My Wall.