Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail-The Colour Blue

I am trying to write this post for so long. Just staring at the screen with the "Colour Blue" playing on the background. Trust me this is not happening so often. Ciaran Lavery and Ryan Vail are two kind young men from North Ireland. Even though music is a united thing, they came from other sides of music. Lavery is a gorgeous folk singer and Vail creates Dark Melodic Electronic music. They both lived by the sea and the outcome of their collaboration proves how inspiring the water can be. Their mini album "Sea Legs" was only released a month ago and it feels like it could stay in our ears forever. The gentle touch of the melodies, the vocals, the background electronic sounds and the lyrics are going to captivate your soul. Enjoy and read the official lyrics only on Lyrics On My Wall.

Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail-The Colour Blue

For all that you want you never have it all 
Lying on my back a-waiting for your call
Images are stacked, the radio is low & my heart is too

Sleeping in your bed I wonder where you go 
Walking all your floors, I've tickets to the show
See you dancing, hands all glorious & cold in the colour blue

So I put on my suit & I race toward the light 
And I chase your shadow from here into the night
If what I want from this world has been pushed out with the tide.. 

Then do I want you now? 
Is the space too close?
She chews her gum with her mouth closed, 
But her eyes say so

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