José González - Open Book

You probably know him already from the posts about his band Junip, but we are extremely excited about this brand new album of Jose Gonzalez. This new album is, without question, the most highly anticipated of his career. One can find traces of inspired protest songs and eccentric folk rock on Vestiges & Claws: frustration and optimism. It’s a collection that is simultaneously confident, free and uncertain.He has focused more on the role of being a producer this time. He has spent more time thinking of what’s best for the song and the recording. This explains completely why this album must be in your music library. A few weeks ago, José González starred in Calexico's "Falling From The Sky" video as the caretaker to a big, creepy worm. That video was the first of a two-part story from director Mikel Cee Karlsson. Today brings González's video for "Open Book", from this year'sVestiges & Claws, which continues the narrative. Below, watch González continue to care for the worm until the situation becomes untenable.

José González - Open Book

I feel just like an open book,
Exposing myself in this neighborhood
Talking to people as if I'd knew them well
Thinking that everyone has come through different kinds of well
Lately I found myself in doubt,
Ask myself what it's all about
What am I doing here? What's this leading to?
What's the point of all? I found you!
I've got promises to keep like a cannon would land upon my feet,
Each time I fall

Every now and then in dreams by the river with no trees
Leaves are yellow, red and brown, and I hear
You whisper in my ear
Your love belongs to everyone
I feel just like an open book,
A couple of words, it's all it took
In front of the bright white covers, still vacantly
Against my will, a drifting vessel in the storm
Pushed around, from shore to shore
I know there's so much left to see
I know I have so much left to give
But the memories remain, yet the scars don't feel the same
Filling page just one by one, in the warmth of other suns

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