Villagers-Everything I Am Is Yours

Villagers are from Dublin. They are an indie folk band only formed back in 2008. The founder and lead singer is Conor O'Brien. He could easily remind you of Paolo Nutini and I am talking about the quality of his voice. Their third album was out just a month ago, April 2015 under the title "Darling Arithmetic" with a list of lovely tracks. The main theme of this album is Love. Love in all its forms, from the beginning to the end. O' Brien is noted for his dark lyrics. The new album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Conor at his own home, with him playing all instruments on the record, as you can watch in the music video of "Everything I Am Is Yours". Enjoy the Villagers!

Villagers-Everything I Am Is Yours

I am just a man tippin' on the wire
Tight rope walking fool balanced on desire
I can not control these ever changing ways
So how can I be sure the feeling will remain
It'll always change
But everything I am is yours
Everything I am is yours

Find it hard to say what's going on inside
Got these little walls, couldn't break them if I tried
But I promise I'll be true and I promise I'll be right
Sickness and in health
In the darkness and the light
I give you every sigh
'Cause everything I am is yours
Everything I am is yours

Left my demons at the door
So what you opening it for?
I guess they'll help you understand
Everything I am, Everything I am