Wye Oak-Civilian

You find me in a period that I am working on a Documentary Film. Isn't it awesome? I found some free time to explore into the music ocean and here I am. Wye Oak are my discovery... precious one! Even though they have released their new album Shriek, I am going to post their oldie "Civilian". It was the first I've heard of them and it left me speechless. When you listen to it, it hurts.. bur somehow you want more! You can watch here the duo from Baltimore, performing Civilian live on KEXP. :) 

Wye Oak-Civilian 

I am nothing without pretend
I know my faults
Can't live with them
I am nothing without a man
I know my thoughts
But I can't hide them

Must you keep my baby teeth
In the bedside table with my jewelry
You still sleep in the bed with me
My jewelry, and my baby teeth

I don't need another friend
When most of them
I can barely keep up with them
Perfectly able to hold my own hand
But I still can't kiss my own neck

I wanted yo give you everything
But I still stand in awe of superficial things
I wanted to love you like
My mother's mother's mother's did
Civilian, civilian

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