LIVE REVIEW: Matt Elliott

Monday, 28.03.2016, I check on my phone. I was expecting to have a coffee with Tasos, instead Tasos sends me a facebook message canceling our meeting. He invites me though for next days' event at Mylos. A live concert that "can't be missed" as he stated. Matt Elliot & 226+3 Buttons. First thought: "It is a live concert, so I really want to go. But I don't even know who these people are. I should go back home and check them out. But I will go back after midnight and I will really need to sleep. Anywayzzz, if I want to go I have to check them out first." So, I am heading home and I check on Matt Elliott's biography. The guy seems really interesting and kinda cool. The desctription of his genre left me curious and very excited: Dark Folk Music. How would it be? Then I checked his brand new clip for last single Wings and Crown and I knew that this night would be magnificent. Then I fell asleep in piece and calm.