James Vincent McMorrow-Rising Water

The brand new album "We Move" by James Vincent McMorrow will be released on September 2. But he made me extremely happy once again by releasing the first single "Rising Water". Everytime I listen to McMorrow I think that he is in my room and he sings just for me... he is honest. He writes about things that matter. He quits drinking alcohol and he finds fun in living the life. This fun was all addressed to this new album and all the fans can easily recognise that in "We Move".
He is not afraid to go out of his comfort zone and face the new James. The extra-ordinary music video for Rising Water, directed by David M. Helman, just came out and McMorrow says on Fader about it: “I didn’t tell David what I wanted to see in this video, I just told him what the song meant to me and why I wrote it. Beyond that he was free to go with whatever instinct he had. The idea he came back with was perfect, it was everything I could have hoped for. To me, he’s made a video about the things we will do in order to move through loss. I’ve said this before, one of the bedrock ideas I built this album on was that dancing and heavy heartedness don’t need to be mutually exclusive things, that the response to sadness doesn’t have to only be slow tempos and minor keys. That’s the video David has made, one that reflects the absurdity, beauty, comedy and tragedy, of life.”


Tom Odell-Concrete

I think I've lost my words with this one. I was looking forward to hearing the new tracks from Tom Odell, but this new album has been something else... With "Wrong Crown" Odell proves that he is the real thing. He is honest and he is not afraid to put himself out of his limits. The four leading tracks are showing the variety of genres he is into. Tom Odell once said "his lyrics are inspired by his "inability to sustain a relationship with someone for longer than six months." He says, "I find that I write much better songs when I'm being honest, and writing about things that happen to me. It can get a little weird though, when friends or girlfriends work out that a song is about them. But it's amazing what you can get away with it. Artistic license, I think they call it." The track featuring on Lyrics On My Wall is called "Concrete" and it was shot in a studio near his London home over the course of an afternoon, “Concrete” follows three previous videos, “Magnetised,” “Wrong Crowd,” and “Somehow.” “It’s the bare, sad bones,” he adds about the song’s subject. “I guess it’s saying that all these superficialities are unnecessary.” Tom Odell will magnetise you... have a look here, on Lyrics On My Wall.


Jaymes Young-I'll Be Good

"This video represents the harm we do. We harm ourselves when we harm others. It also reflects the re-birth of a forgiven conscience." Jaymes McFarland, aka Jaymes Young.
Despite his young age, Jaymes has his way to say what's happening. In "I'll be good", I found that he couldn't be more accurate, considering all the violence we witness everyday. I thought it would be nice once in a while to look in the mirror and commit to ourselves to be good. No matter what happens, if each one of us is keeping his promise then this world will be a better place to live in. Sometimes it is hard to blame ourselves, but when we do, we have made half journey to a better end. 
Well said, Jaymes Young! 
Enjoy, music-lovers!



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