The moment you get to see Joss Stone and her wonderful band performing right next to your home. What an excellent show!

Unfortunately the production team thought it would be cool to have seats in front of the stage... but let's see things clearly here, this is Joss Stone we are talking about. You just can't have seats, because what will happen is that she will get down and take people by their hands, drag them to the front and ask them to dance with her. And yes, people, this is what happened. Joss Stone came down and asked us to dance. We stood up and danced with our soul. She was like an angel or like a fairy... in a plain white dress... She even explained how real love looks like to a 4 years old girl -in front of her dad- using the story of the prince and the white horse! She is cool and she knows how to deal with weak crowds and that's because she loves what she's doing. There is no way that this love will go unseen. Enjoy some of the photos I took in between my dances! Lovely moments! <3









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