Trixie Whitley-Breath You In My Sleep

Never relying on her lineage, Trixie set out to craft a unique personal and artistic identity. She started playing drums when she was ten. At age eleven she became the youngest resident DJ in Belgium, spinning underground electronica, free jazz, ambient instrumentals and hip-hop at raves and modern art museums. By her early teens she was touring with several avant-garde theater and dance collectives throughout Europe. During this time she developed an affinity for punk rock’s nonconformist and D.I.Y. ethics, which permeated her fearless genre-bending and daring life choices. Trixie’s prismatic artistry reflects electronica, R&B, the vulnerable ethos of singer-songwriters, and the unapologetic individuality of punk rock. Although her previous effort reflects her broad tastes, it is with her latest release that she creates a transcendent musical miscellany. She said: “I wanted to make people think and feel something honest and emotionally complex in my music that comes from being fully present in the creative moment.” On Vogue she was asked about her new track "Breath You In My Dreams" “That title was a line that came to me during a dream I woke up from and wrote down in the middle of the night,” says Whitley. The lyrics, filtered through her deep, soulful voice express a heartbreaking longing, which is accentuated in the video by director Matthu Placek’s surreal use of undulating light and slowed-down action, an approach that Whitley says she immediately responded to.


Crystal Fighters-Lay Low

This song is about looking after your friends and family; it's about taking the time to try and leave a positive impact on earth every day, as if it's your last. It's about remembering to hug and high five your friends every time you see them, and to take the time to appreciate every moment we are given here on this beautiful planet. With this song we pay homage to the miracle of the known, the mystery of the unknown, and our limited time within it. We couldn't be happier to release this video today, with everything going on in the world right now, and hope it brings you joy and inspiration."

Crystal Fighters' Graham Dickson said: "... Lay Low was inspired by the passing of our brother and drummer, Andrea Marongiu, and the main singalong came from an impromptu backstage chant, at one of our final shows together. Andrea brought Crystal Fighters alive when he joined the family with his phenomenally skillful drumming, and immeasurably lifted the spirit of the band, and whoever crossed his path, as one of the kindest and most charismatic gentlemen out there.


Communist Daughter-Keep Moving

I always like to post here new songs from new bands that I find and fall in love with... sometimes this is a bit risky because I cannot find the official lyrics of the tracks. This time I didn't give up and I asked from the band to send me the lyrics and guess what? They were more than happy to share them! I am talking for the Communist Daughter, an indie rock band from Saint Paul, Minnesota, founded by Johnny Solomon. Solomon has started years ago his musical carreer but the rising success masked his struggle with addiction and mental health problems, and quickly eclipsed his career, so he assumed his music days were over. But when he moved out of the city his demons followed him and he spent his nights writing and recording what he thought would be his eulogy, songs about lost love and lost chances. He recruited some friends to come out and put it all to tape. Calling his new band Communist Daughter, they released their debut album “Soundtrack to the End” in 2010. Then he checked in for another rehab and then all clean he came back with his band to stay. 2016 will see the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album “The Cracks That Built The Wall.’ In February, 2017 their new song Keep Moving comes out with a music video. Here it is with the lyrics! Please feel free to share the story and check for more details on their website http://communistdaughter.com/.

Thank you for the lyrics, Communist Daughter, you are awesome! 


Maggie Rogers- On+Off

I was one second into Maggie Rogers' track "Alaska", and I could only think of one word: fresh! Then, I searched a bit more and I saw that Pharell had the same opinion after listening her song in a masterclass. I continued to search about Rogers and then I read the biography on her Facebook page... I realised that there is nothing more to say and that's why I paste here, her whole text!  Below you will find her brand new track "On+Off" with the music video and the lyrics. Please enjoy <3

"Dear listening ears/reading eyes, 

For a long time, I've introduced myself as a banjo player from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I'm a hiker and an environmentalist. I'm an optimist. I'm loud. 

I'm still all those things, but I went quiet for a few years. I cut my long hair short. I got a cat named Cat Stevens. I fell in love. I moved to New York, to France, and back. 

Inevitably, I found my space in the place between knowing who I was and finding out who I am. 


Toothless-The Sirens ft. The Staves

What happens when a band falls into hiatus? How easy it is for the bass player to go solo? Will he succeed or he will be always compared to his band's stuff? Ed Nash is the obvious answer for everything. The bass player of Bombay Bicycle Club, is working solo now under the name Toothless. As he said before, the fact that you are all alone can be terrified at first, but once you realise that you are completely free to do what you like, life gets better. Not easier, but better. Nash, ran into Greek mythology to get inspired by the metaphors that are hidden. As you can see, it worked out pretty good!
For the track "Sirens" he asked from The Staves to feature. The harmonies of the sisters are the perfect combo. Toothless' first album is already published under the title The Pace of the Passing. Make sure you have a listen. Watch the music video and read the lyrics of Siren here:



Dotan Harpenau, better known by his stage name Dotan, is a Dutch singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Dotan was born in Jerusalem. He moved to Amsterdam at the age of 0 and he currently lives in Brooklyn. In search of inspiration for his album, Dotan retreated to the living room. Not just his own living room, the enigmatic singer-songwriter also visited the dens of complete strangers. The result is ‘7 Layers’, a magical album performed by a singular talent. “I suffer from stage fright,” Dotan admits, “and I decided the best way to overcome this, was to test my new songs in people’s living rooms. Unplugged, on my own, with nothing to hide, in a room full of strangers; I couldn’t think of anything scarier.” He posted a message on Facebook, asking people to invite him over to their homes. The response was overwhelming and he ended up playing over 100 solo gigs; from packed flats and tiny bedsits, to houseboats, farms and even castles. “Remarkable things happened”, he fondly remembers. “Sometimes, during an emotional song, I’d find myself in a room full of crying people. It was an amazing learning experience.”
It is not easy to stop, once you start reading his "About" section on his website, but I cannot post the whole text here... You can easily read more here: http://www.dotanmusic.com/about/.