Alex Ebert-Broken Record

Alex Ebert is an adventurous guy! For those who follow him, you already know that. For those who don't, let me tell you a few things about him... You probably have whispered "Home is wherever I'm with you" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Edward Sharpe is basically Alex's alter ego. Before Edward Sharpe, Alex was the lead singer of the boyband Ima Robot, which you probably know from the TV series Suits and its theme "Green Back Boogie".Alex Ebert's life is full of ups and downs. He was a drug addict, he got to rehab, he openly supported Bernie Sanders, he wrote Sanders' campaign slogan and now he is back with new music.
He has just published the new music video for the track Broken Record, directed by  Kevin Circosta. In a statement about the track, Ebert noted that "Broken Record" is intended to be part of an unspecified new "adventure" – but not an album.

"Once in a while enough heartache piles up, and you get that tender electric," he said. "And that wide open space is that terribly alive shit. Terribly alive. And that's that ocean I love best. That's that adventure. That's that void-blown, step-blind trust. This song 'Broken Record' is the first of a whole thing. Not an album. An adventure. I'm leaning out. I can't speak for other people right now. Just myself."
"Broken Record" marks Ebert's first solo music since his 2011 debut, Alexander. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros released their fourth LP, PersonA, in 2016.