Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Waves

I haven't posted here for a while but this time I am back with an exclusive post. We spoke with Old Sea Brigade and we asked him to share with us the official lyrics of his brand new track Tidal Waves. As you may know, I always like to search and find different information about the artists I post on Lyrics On My Wall, but this one was hard to find.  I will just leave here what he chose to write in his bio, with the hope that someday we'll get to know more about him.We are talking about Old Sea Brigade. Old Sea Brigade is Atlanta raised, Nashville based singer-songwriter, Ben Cramer. Blending together folk, country, americana, and indie rock, Old Sea Brigade invokes names like Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, and The National. In 2016, after self-releasing his debut EP, Cramer toured the U.S. landing key support slots for Julien Baker, Hiss Golden Messenger and Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Later that year he signed with Nettwerk Music Group and began work on his full-length debut.
Old Sea Brigade released “Wash Me Away EP” in January 2017, which Clash music called, “Gorgeous, meditative songwriting” with “a sense of Southern gothic.”

Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Waves

It's heavy now and we don't change
Come back down, keep it safe
Spinning room, lost my mind
Keep it up, killing time
Don't wait up it'll be okay
Though it's coming at my like a tidal wave

Pick it up, as if you found
Peace of mind, in shattered sound
Extra days to sit around
Wonder why you can't be found
Don't wait up it'll be okay
Left alone to face the day
Don't wait up it'll be okay
Though it's coming at me like a tidal wave

Heaven starts when you're by my side
Hurry up, leave it behind
Fickle love, I'll call you out
If we don't, change it now
A holiday is on my mind
You still take me by surprise
Truth it breaks by the night
If we don't change we're stuck in time

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